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Television in the Capital Region Berlin-Brandenburg


MEDIA LOCATION BERLIN-BRANDENBURG Berlin-Brandenburg is one of the world’s leading media regions, with nearly 4,000 film and TV businesses that collectively generate an annual turnover of about € 1.9 billion per year. The capital region’s infrastructure creates an excellent foundation for the production of TV and web content. National and international media professionals benefit from the expertise of renowned traditional companies such as Studio Babelsberg, Studio Berlin Adlershof, and Berliner Union-Film. In addition, the high density of production companies such as UFA and service providers such as ARRI Media, as well as of additional specialists in areas such as set construction, special effects, post production, and casting, offers optimal conditions for complex productions. The production of series such as Homeland, Sense8, and Deutschland 83 – high-end, internationally successful productions of the new fictional storytelling era – bears clear testimony to this fact. At the same time, Berlin-Brandenburg offers space for the development of ideas, experimentation, and creative results to an extent unmatched by any other region in Germany. In Berlin, the digital scene is booming: innovators and start-ups operate alongside large media companies like VICE Media and Axel Springer, blazing a new trail in the media world. Video-on-demand platforms like Netflix, web TV providers like Magine TV, and multi-channel networks like Studio71, Divimove, and the 301+ YouTube collective have all established a presence in Berlin. In addition, one of only six YouTube Studios worldwide is located in Berlin, offering video artists the opportunity to develop their creative potential in the heart of Europe. Turnover in the Berlin-Brandenburg TV industry € 709 million € 1 billion +42% 0 100 300 500 700 900 € million Companies in the Berlin-Brandenburg audiovisual media industry 7.222 11.177 +55% 0 6000 12.000 h “The Voice” at Studio Berlin Adlershof The ideal studio infrastructure for successful entertainment productions 2004 2013 Source: Medienindex Berlin-Brandenburg 2015 STUDIOS & LOCATIONS IN BERLIN-BRANDENBURG From Berlin Adlershof to Babelsberg to fernsehwerft – the studios in the capital region are in high demand, and streets and squares in Berlin and Brandenburg serve as popular shooting locations for diverse film and TV productions. k Studio Babelsberg k Studio Berlin Adlershof k fernsehwerft k Berliner Union-Film k YouTube Studio Berlin k CINE PLUS k HAVELSTUDIOS k CCC Filmstudios / Filmatelier Haselhorst k VCC Studiobetriebsgesellschaft k filmyard

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings at MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin A meeting point for international media-industry thought leaders INDUSTRY EVENTS Exhibitions, marketplaces, and conventions such as IFA, Drama Series Days at the Berlinale’s European Film Market, and MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin offer insight into current themes and trends, while also drawing representatives of the international media, thus contributing to the worldwide networking of the capital region’s media sector. Regular events such as Mediengipfel, VideoDays, Europe’s biggest meeting of YouTubers, and the Germany-wide unique Your Turn – The Video Creator Competition continually drive the industry forward. In addition, the berlinbrandenburg industry network, the Association of Commercial Broadcasters and Audiovisual Services (VPRT), the German Producers Alliance – Film & Television, and other industry associations help create ties with the political, academic and cultural communities. Berlin-Brandenburg... ...offers well-known industry events such as: k IFA k Drama Series Days | EFM Berlinale k MEDIA CONVENTION Berlin k Bambi k Prix Europa k VideoDays k animago AWARD & CONFERENCE ... benefits from high-quality media-sector training and continuing education programmes: k Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF k German Film and Television Academy Berlin k Berlin University of the Arts k Media Innovation Center Babelsberg k Erich Pommer Institute k Institut für Schauspiel, Film- und Fernsehberufe k Entertainment Master Class TRAINING AND CONTINUING EDUCATION One of the capital region’s declared goals is to ensure the supply of highly qualified young people in the media industry. The success of this aim is shown by the diversity of training and continuing education offerings from universities, state and private colleges, media academies, and other educational institutions. Film University Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF, German Film and Television Academy Berlin, DEKRA Media Academy, Media Innovation Center Babelsberg (MIZ), Erich Pommer Institute, Entertainment Master Class, and many other institutions offer study courses and training programmes in the areas of production, acting, screenplay writing, cinematography, and direction, as well as continuing education courses and workshops on media law, marketing, and management. European Film Market – Berlinale’s business centre With more than 8,600 participants, an international marketplace for film and audiovisual content, since 2015 featuring a new platform for high-quality drama series

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