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Service Packages for Investors in Berlin

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Business Location Package © monkeybusinessimages “Berlin Partner for Business and Technology welcomed us with open arms and active support when we relocated our headquarters to the German capital. They provided plenty of tips and practical assistance, especially when we were looking for a prestigious location at the heart of Berlin.” Stephan Krenz Managing Director, Abellio GmbH

The direct way to your new location. You will find attractive real estate on offer in Berlin, even in central locations: Offices, production sites and co-working spaces, often at more affordable prices than in other major cities. WHAT DOES THE BUSINESS LOCATION PACKAGE OFFER? Are you looking to locate or relocate in Berlin? We give you a comprehensive overview of office locations, commercial estates and development zones in the city, and find suitable offers in an impartial and objective fashion and free of charge. Our support continues until your shortlist is complete. WE ACCOMPANY YOU. Get to know Berlin! We organize location tours and accompany you to the properties of your choice. Together, we meet with the property owners. We provide information on infrastructure, transport connections and housing around the chosen locations. When necessary, we also act as intermediaries to the authorities. At a glance. The Business Location Package. LOCATION INFORMATION ›› Information on the commercial real estate market – on office locations and commercial estates in Berlin ›› Contact to project developers and service providers in the real estate market ›› Presentation of the Berlin Business Atlas, including a 3-D Berlin city model in the Business Location Center ›› Information on the housing market in Berlin, on residential areas in Berlin’s boroughs and on the development of rents RESEARCH FOR SUITABLE LOCATIONS ›› Support in creating a search profile ›› Research for suitable locations, irrespective of ownership ›› Online information on currently available commercial properties in the Real Estate Portal ›› Contact to the Berlin-owned real estate company BIM, to the Senate Departments and to Berlin’s boroughs ›› Information on planning laws and preservation orders LOCATION TOURS ›› Organization of location tours and accompaniment to sight visits ›› Support through to preparation of a shortlist by the company A city of global standing. Affordable and cosmopolitan. An international comparison of rent prices Bucharest 222 Copenhagen 228 Barcelona 246 Warsaw 282 Berlin 300 Hamburg 300 Madrid 321 Amsterdam 350 Munich 408 Frankfurt/M 474 Milan 490 Dublin 619 Zurich 733 Moscow 746 Paris 800 London City 950 Annual rent prices for European office space in EUR/m 2 . Source: CBRE (Global Prime Office Occupancy Costs, 2016) Explore Berlin from above with the 3-D city model. Berlin Partner for Business and Technology Ludwig Erhard Haus | Fasanenstr. 85 | 10623 Berlin T +49 30 46302-500 | |

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