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Service Packages for Investors in Berlin

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Business Innovation Package Prof. Dr. Manfred Hild, Head of the Neurorobotics Research Laboratory at Beuth University of Applied Sciences, Berlin ©Berlin Partner – Philipp Jester “Berlin Partner provided active support in the definition and execution of a development project, the integration of experts from the business and scientific communities, the selection of suitable R&D funding programs, and in preparing for market roll-out. We benefited immensely from their outstanding expertise in questions of technology and in the area of funding and financing.” Cathy Farrar Managing Director, Innovac GmbH Dr. Mohammad Ehsasi General Director, Innovac GmbH

Collaboration in research to foster innovation. Berlin is a highly productive research and technology cluster that enjoys close collaboration between science and business. It also holds a leading role for high-tech startups. Here, every organization will find the know-how it needs to strengthen its own competitiveness through innovation. Attractive collaboration and funding programs exist for all phases of product development. WHAT DOES THE BUSINESS INNOVATION PACKAGE OFFER? Startups and established companies alike can benefit in many ways from collaborating with universities and research institutions on innovation projects. From the project definition phase and the search for partners, to the financing stage itself, our experts support you in the development and enhancement of products or processes. HOW WE HELP Together, we discuss your project planning and support you in the analysis of trends and technology potential. We organize matchmaking events. We broker contacts with possible partners and clarify which funding programs may be available to your project on a state, national and EU level. Berlin is a creative laboratory. We open the door for you. At a glance. The Business Innovation Package. INNOVATION AND COLLABORATION OPPORTUNITIES ›› Information on the market and technology ›› Patent service: A guide to developing industrial property rights ›› Access to know-how in Berlin’s growth industries ›› Methodologies for trend analysis and innovation management ›› Feasibility concepts COLLABORATION PARTNERS ›› Identification of experts in universities, research institutions and the industrial sector in Berlin ›› Matchmaking events and online platforms to broker contacts ›› Access to incubators & accelerators in Berlin ›› Contact to European research regions (ERRIN) in Brussels INNOVATION SUPPORT ›› Innovation support for business and science in Berlin (including ProFIT, Transfer/ Coaching BONUS) ›› Funding of innovation and industrial property rights by the German government (including ZIM, go-inno, WIPANO, VIP+) ›› Funding programs and calls by the German government and the EU to promote innovation and collaboration, including Horizon 2020 ›› Project workshops in Brussels with experts from the EU Commission Ideal structure for R&D collaboration. Berlin’s scientific community. Berlin: a center of science and technology Non-university research institutions Technology parks, innovation and startup centers Universities Universities of applied sciences Private universities Art colleges Companies cooperating on innovation 22% 35% Germany Berlin Berlin Partner for Business and Technology Ludwig Erhard Haus | Fasanenstr. 85 | 10623 Berlin T +49 30 46302-500 | | Proportion of companies actively fostering innovation Source: Technologiestiftung Berlin: Innovationserhebung Berlin 2015

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