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Service Industries in Berlin: Tourism

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Service Industries in Berlin:

Service Industries in Berlin-Brandenburg Tourism Industry International appeal Berlin is a trend destination worldwide. In the European city rankings, Berlin is number 3 – right behind London and Paris. Around 15 million tourists visit the metropolis every year, and Berlin is the most popular destination city Germany-wide. The statistics on guests per day also refl ect the tourism boom. In 2013, Berlin broke the previous record with around 26 million guests per day and Brandenburg recorded more than 11.5 million. Berlin is an ideal investment environment for companies in the tourism sector. Companies along the entire tourismrelated value chain are now represented in the city – from airlines and travel agencies, major hotel and service businesses and companies in the customer care & communication area to the large tourism sector associations. They all benefi t from Berlin‘s unique location advantages, which include an outstanding transport infrastructure and affordable office and commercial spaces – plus the city‘s creativity and vibrancy. Leading regional players Several international hotel companies have their headquarters in Berlin, including NH Hoteles, Grand City Hotels and Leonardo Hotels. There are other major sector players in the city: Deutsche Bahn, Air Berlin Group, the second-largest domestic airline, and Deutsche Lufthansa, which has many subsidiaries in Berlin-Brandenburg, for example. They are among Berlin‘s largest employers. The sector‘s international service providers headquartered in Berlin include TRX Germany and Affinion International. now coordinates all of its corporate online portals in Berlin. And in the area of booking and ticket platforms, major providers such as – and start-ups such as Wimdu and GetYourGuide – have been successfully established in the city. With 800 hotel operations and 126,000 beds, Berlin also has one of the most varied, most modern hotel landscapes in Europe. Top skilled specialists People from 186 countries live and work in Berlin. Since the cost of living in Berlin is affordable compared to other European cities and the universities are excellent, the vibrant cultural and business region mainly attracts young, welleducated people. Many of them complete an internationally oriented training program in the city‘s diverse hotels and tourism companies. Degree programs designed to meet the needs of the sector are available at many public and private academies and universities such as the Berlin School of Economics and Law and BEST-Sabel University of Applied Sciences Berlin. Almost all working Berlin residents speak at least one foreign language. THE GERMAN CAPITAL REGION more value for your investment

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