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Service Industries in Berlin: Shared Service Center

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Service Industries in Berlin: Shared Service

Service Industries in Berlin-Brandenburg Shared Service Center The region with service in view Setting up shared service centers is still an international trend. Worldwide, major companies are using shared service solutions to boost their productivity via specialization and process optimization. In Germany alone, almost 75 percent of large corporations operate a shared service center in the fi nance and accounting, human resources, marketing or IT area. The capital region offers the major benefi t of ideal general conditions – including qualifi ed skilled specialists, affordable and readily available offi ce space and an outstanding infrastructure – for inward investment in the form of shared service centers with high-quality services. High level of quality „Berlin as a Location for Shared Service Centers“ survey: key location arguments The region‘s innovative environment ensures a high quality standard. Berlin-Brandenburg features an extraordinarily wide range of sectors, a booming start-up scene and a close partnership between research and business. And the almost 6 million people in the region have a high level of education and/or training. Around 30 percent of all employees have a degree from a university, a university of applied sciences or a technical college. And the region is internationally oriented: it is home to people of around 186 different nationalities. Over 60 percent of all working Berlin residents speak several languages and 94 percent know one foreign language. < Less relevant Highly relevant > < Less relevant Highly relevant > Convenient access Berlin-Brandenburg also has an outstanding position when it comes to infrastructure. It is a significant European transportation hub, so the capital region has top access to Germany and the entire continent. With the public transit system, employees can reach destinations within the region quickly and conveniently, around the clock. Of course both wireless and cable-connected telecommunication systems are continuously expanded to remain state-of-the-art. And all the major service providers are represented in the capital region. Availability of qualified personnel Transport infrastructure Salary level Price level for commercial leases Availability of adequate office space Proximity to customers Availability of multi-lingual personnelPersonal Financial support opportunities Proximity to universities Image of Berlin- Brandenburg region Source: Berlin as a Location for Shared Service Centers 2013 (Dressler & Partner) THE GERMAN CAPITAL REGION more value for your investment

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