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Service Industries in Berlin-Brandenburg: Call Centers

Service Industries in Berlin-Brandenburg: Call

Service Industries in Berlin-Brandenburg Customer service and communication, call centers Expertise at the heart of Europe With over 240 call centers and 25,000 employees, the Berlin-Brandenburg capital region is one of Europe‘s leading call center locations. The region‘s central location is the primary source of its major potential for development – it is at the heart of Europe and a short distance away from Western Europe and the countries of Central and Eastern Europe as well. With a population of almost 6 million, the region‘s labor force potential is one of the strongest in Germany. The prices for offi ce and commercial space are below average in comparison to other metropolitan regions. Excellent general conditions The capital region offers the key benefi t of ideal general conditions – including qualifi ed skilled specialists, affordable and readily available offi ce space and an outstanding infrastructure. According to Forsa, 92 percent of the company-oriented service providers in Berlin-Brandenburg would decide in favor of this location again if they had to. Large pool of skilled specialists The large number of qualifi ed skilled specialists in the capital region is another one of its strengths. For customer service, companies fi nd human resources with technical and commercial knowledge plus highly developed know-how in the telecommunication, IT, e-commerce and tourism sectors, as well as the fi nancial services area. The diversity of languages is unique: people from 186 countries live in Berlin-Brandenburg today. Almost all working Berlin residents (94 percent) speak at least one foreign language and over 60 percent are fl uent in several. Top training and continuing education The chambers of industry and commerce in the capital region offer the vocational training and service specialists for „dialog marketing“ and „management assistant for dialog marketing.“ A number of additional academies, training centers and private businesses qualify employees for customer service. Call center survey Berlin-Brandenburg: key location arguments Availability of adequate office space Transport infrastructure 92 % 83 % 82 % 82 % 75 % 71 % 67 % 59 % 57 % Proximity to universities Image of Berlin- Brandenburg region Salary level Availability of multi-lingual interviewers Price level for commercial leases Availability of qualified personnel Proximity to customers Source: Call center survey Berlin-Brandenburg 2010 (Forsa) THE GERMAN CAPITAL REGION more value for your investment

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