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Photonics from Berlin-Brandenburg

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Profile der Aussteller aus Berlin Brandenburg auf der LASER World of PHOTONICS 2015

26 exhibitor profiles

26 exhibitor profiles exhibitor profiles 27 Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau TU Berlin - NanoJoin TU Berlin - interference filters and antireflection coatings TU Berlin - Projects The cooperation network »Protection and Improvement of Surfaces«, coordinated by the Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau, is an alliance of business and scientific partners from Berlin, Brandenburg, Saxony, Hesse and Baden-Württemberg. The aim of the network is to focus the expertise in research and development and to develop innovations in the field of surfaces, thin film and coating technologies, always with a view to the needs of the regional economy. The tasks of the network include among others the acquisition of funded projects as well as planning, implementation and support of collaborative projects. The companies greateyes GmbH, InBeCon GmbH, Sawall–Technologie & Intuition and OEG GmbH are represented at the fair and will present their products and services. The innovative silver sintering pastes developed by Nano- Join have been designed for an application in power electronics and allow for connections with highest thermal conduction at simultaneously low process temperatures. Due to nanoeffects, dense and massive silver layers can be created pressureless at below 250 °C on various surfaces, e.g. directly on copper. So for the first time, areas of up to (25x25) mm² can be joined securely with pressureless processes. Especially components that are highly subjected to heat, such as diode mounts, benefit from a significant improvement in thermal management and thus increase the efficiency and durability of products. The performance of glass fibers for lasers, optical data transmission and high power laser beam guiding and laser construction is enhanced by the deposition of dielectric multilayers on fiber end faces. Additional photonic functions can be integrated. The deposition of Fabry-Perot-filters directly of the end faces allows new applications in data transmission and sensing. Such interference filters consisting of two highly reflecting multilayer mirrors with spacer are offered with 1nm bandwidth and 90% peak transmission. Application of antireflection coatings reduce losses of the end faces so that fibers transmit more than 99.5% of the incident light. Careful preparation of the fiber end faces is required for high power transmission. Laser-induced damage theresholds reach 120 J / cm2 at 1064 nm wavelength and 24 ns test pulse width. Fiber-optic probes in Raman, MIR and NIR spectroscopy are very promising in use for non-invasive medical diagnostics in vivo. They are convenient to handle, enable free access to almost all body sites and can be used endoscopically. The main advantage of these probes is the direct deposition of the dielectric filters at distal end of the probe. This enables miniaturization of fiber probe head, reduces instrument price and allows to combine Raman, NIR, MIR spectroscopic techniques in one probe with no drop in signal-to-noise ratio. Biomedical photoacoustic tomography with an alloptical 3-D scanner: The optical ultrasound sensor (Fabry- Perot thin film interferometer) was fabricated by coating polymer substrates with dielectric mirrors and a polymer spacer layer. The acoustic modulation of the optical thickness of the sensor can be detected pixel by pixel through the modulation of the reflected light intensity. From ultrasound waves that are generated by the absorption of laser pulses in tissue high resolution 3-D images can then be calculated. Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau Cooperation network »Protection and Improvement of Surfaces« - TU Berlin - NanoJoin TU Berlin, Institut für Optik und Atomare Physik, Lasergruppe TU-Berlin, Institut für Optik und Atomare Physik, Lasergruppe Phone: +49 3375 508463 Phone: +49 30 31429577 Phone: +49 30 31423479 Phone: +49 30 31423479 Contact: Jenny Moscardini Hall B3, Booth 359 (Berlin-Brandenburg pavilion) Contact: Tobias Röhrich Hall B3, Booth 359 (Berlin-Brandenburg pavilion) Contact: Chris Scharfenorth Hall B3, Booth 359 (Berlin-Brandenburg pavilion) Contact: Chris Scharfenorth Hall B3, Booth 359 (Berlin-Brandenburg pavilion)

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