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Photonics from Berlin-Brandenburg

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Profile der Aussteller aus Berlin Brandenburg auf der LASER World of PHOTONICS 2015

22 exhibitor profiles

22 exhibitor profiles exhibitor profiles 23 OEG Optec-Berlin-Brandenburg (OpTecBB) OsTech PT Photonic Tools • Measurement of optical parameters and imaging quality of optics; • Drawing tool measurement for beverage can manufacture and wire manufacture; • Contact angle and free surface energy measuring systems The company OEG GmbH manufactures measuring systems for optical, geometrical and physical parameters. The measuring systems are based on optical measuring principles with electronic image evaluation by image processing software. The company OEG GmbH was founded in 1991 and is based in Germany. Our measuring equipment is installed worldwide across all continents. The OEG GmbH covers the development of working principles, mechanical construction, software development, mechanical manufacturing, assembly and calibration, installation and onsite service for our equipment. • Imaging • Biophotonics • Medical engineering Optec-Berlin-Brandenburg e.V. (OpTecBB) is the competence network for optical technologies and micro-system technology in the region of Berlin-Brandenburg. OpTecBB is an initiative of companies and scientific institutions in Berlin-Brandenburg who aim to explore and use the technology together. OpTecBB was founded on September 14th, 2000 by companies, research institutions, universities and federations supported by relevant ministries in Brandenburg and the Berlin Senate. Today, the association has approximately 100 institutional members. In addition, Op- TecBB is a member of EPIC and exhibits at Laser World of Photonics as a member of OpecNet Deutschland e.V., a fusion of all German regional competence networks for optical technologies. • Design and production of diode laser and TEC drivers • All kinds of different combinations and fast realisation of custom specs • Multiple laser safety options Our company is specialized in the development and production of electronic devices for driving laser diodes and TECs. OsTech provides a modular system, that can supply laser diodes and TECs at different peak current and voltage ranges. All drivers offer a great variety of control options at highest precision and safety levels. Customized versions are available: compact or economic versions, drivers A with special laser modes or drivers for medical Variabler Abstand Bild/Typo devices. All laser and TEC drivers have the same interfaces and softcodes, independent of current, voltage or control routines. So you can freely scale the laser in your application B Variabler Abstand Bild/Typo without any change in the interface. Photonic Tools provides system components and solutions for the rapidly growing industrial ultra fast laser applications, their end users, system integrators and laser manufacturers. Photonic Tools’ products are beam delivery systems, processing heads and customised solutions dedicated to industrial ultra fast lasers. The modular systems consist of standardised free space beam delivery components and a cutting edge fibre beam delivery system using photonic crystal fibres. The products’ features meet the stringent requirements of the advanced manufacturing industry, combining laser technology and application, applied optics and precise machine tool building. The experienced Photonic Tools team already has a long standing track record of bringing innovative tools for laser material processing to the industrial high power solid-state laser market. C OEG Gesellschaft für Optik, Elektronik & Gerätetechnik mbH Optec-Berlin-Brandenburg (OpTecBB) e.V. OsTech PT Photonic Tools GmbH Phone: +49 335 5213894 Phone +49 30 6392 1728 Phone: +49 30 29773040 D Phone: +49 30 639278000 Contact: Dr. Stephan Rothe Hall B3, Booth 359 (Berlin-Brandenburg pavilion) Contact: Dr. Frank Lerch Hall B1, Booth 427 Contact: Robby Oswald Hall B3, Booth 359 (Berlin-Brandenburg pavilion) Contact: Dr.-Ing. Björn Wedel Hall A2, Booth: 544

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