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Optical Analytics in the Capital Region Berlin-Brandenburg

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64 Training and Continuing Education Programs Berlin-Brandenburg (a micro-technology vocational training association). In addition to the broad training opportunities provided by vocational schools for secondary-level students, universities and institutes have also created their own vocational training programs. These are focused in particular on training the next generation of employees for scientific workshops and laboratories. ter in Berlin and Brandenburg is to analyze age-related shifts with respect to the availability of skilled workers and develop comprehensive methods to address problems. The results will be made available as academically substantiated tools, best practice guides, checklists, templates, etc., and also be communicated directly via workshops while being integrated into a continuing education and training program in the cluster. The aim is to acquire and develop skills as well as provide skilled workers with ongoing training. The project involves OpTecBB working in collaboration with the Helmut Schmidt University, the Universität Hamburg, the Center for Microsystems Technology (ZEMI) in Berlin and ten other value partners from industry, science and administration. Vocational Continuing Training Opportunities In the photonics / microsystems technologies cluster, the beQual project offers special continuing education programs for high-tech companies. The program arose out of a need on the part of these companies that was not being met by the qualification programs currently available from existing educational and training service providers for certain types of training of interest to only a few employees. A pilot project in Berlin being funded by the Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research conducted model training sessions for employees from 6 companies in 2 institutes in the photonics’ cluster between October 2014 and May 2015. As participants and organizers were highly satisfied with the results of this pilot, new training units will start from 2016 onwards. 3 The goal of the AlFaClu project (Altersgerechte und –übergreifende Fachkräfteentwicklung in Hochtechnologie-Clustern - (age-appropriate and intergenerational professional development in high-tech clusters) in the optical technologies and microsystems technology clus- 3

7 Industry Platforms Report 2014 – Aus- und Weiterbildung 65

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