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Optical Analytics in the Capital Region Berlin-Brandenburg

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38 Process Measurement

38 Process Measurement Technology Fiber Sensing and Multi-channel Spectroscopy innoFSPEC Potsdam is a joint undertaking of the Leibniz Institute for Astrophysics Potsdam (AIP) and the University of Potsdam (UP). The mission of innoFSPEC Potsdam is to conduct fundamental research and develop innovative technological solutions for fiber sensor systems and multi-channel spectroscopy in astronomy and physical chemistry. In doing so, it brings together the capabilities offered by new chemical analysis methods with high-performance multi-object and multi-channel spectroscopy. For example, the project entitled “Fiber-optical Process Sensing” applies numerous complementary fiber-optical sensors to a high-performance model reactor in order to develop innovative methods for on- and in-line analysis of chemical reactions and demonstrates the enormous potential of Process Analytical Technology (PAT). Optical Sensors and MEMS Technology First Sensor is the one-stop developer and manufacturer of high-precision optical and opto-electronic sensor solutions and is able to provide long term continuity of supply. This includes component development and production in semiconductor plant cleanrooms, the packaging of integrated circuits and opto-electronic hybrid integration, as well as full system development. Available as components, modules or system solutions, First Sensor’s products are an integrated part of many applications, such as pressure sensors, flow sensors, level sensors, radiation sensors (alpha-, beta- and gamma- as well as X-rays) and special sensors. Color Analysis Fermenters with (fiber)-optical in-line sensors © Sandmann AEMtec, a member company of exceet Group, has been developing and producing highly miniaturized electronic components and systems for over ten years at the Berlin-Adlershof science and technology hub. Evaluation electronics often need to be directly connected to sensor components within a very limited space. Whether the needs are in the field of optical, magnetic or pressure sensors – AEMtec has wide-ranging experience with the relevant technologies and the special challenges associated with them. In the pressure sensor field, for example, calibration is a significant concern. AEMtec also develops and produces rotary angle sensors, optical sensors and MEMS systems. In addition, it provides specially developed high-precision testing equipment for the validation of highly complex optical assembly groups. An integral part of AEMtec’s engineering team includes a group dedicated to developing product-specific (opto-) electronic test systems. ColVisTec specializes in integrating color analysis into process control. The aim is to increase efficiency through continuous process monitoring and quality control. This involves the early detection and prevention of defects and incidents occurring during the production process. Probes of various designs provide solutions for many applications on both transparent and opaque materials. Fields of application include: polymers (extruder application), powder (powder coating, other powder media), mixing processes, paste media, paints and coatings, printing inks, pharmaceuticals (as PAT for hot melt extrusion), chemicals, paper, foodstuffs, beverages and other liquid media. CP – Color Probe © COLVISTEC GmbH

Process Measurement Technology 39 Pyro 400: All real-time growth parameters © LayTec GmbH ALD Real Time Monitor © Sentech Instruments Monitoring of Thin Film Processes LayTec is the world’s leading manufacturer of process-integrated optical metrology for thin film processes. LayTec measuring instruments provide real-time information on coating process parameters – either in-situ (directly during the process) or in-line (during the substrate transfer between coating steps). LayTec products are used in industry and research around the world. They significantly shorten the development cycles of new thin film materials and processes. When integrated into production lines, LayTec products also provide for highly efficient quality control and an automated process control system, which can significantly increase both the process yield and the effective system run time. SENTECH Instruments is one of the leading suppliers of plasma process technology systems for coating and etching using atomic layer deposition (ALD) and plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD); it also offers ellipsometers for thin film measurement. The new ALD Real Time Monitor complements SENTECH’s ALD systems with in-si- tu measuring technology. The Real Time Monitor makes it possible to resolve adsorption and desorption during the ALD process. This serves particularly to optimize ALD process parameters. The advantage over traditional methods is that the optical method takes measurements on the actual sample surface. Ultrasonic Technology for Manufacturing Semiconductors In Potsdam, F&K Physiktechnik develops and manufactures state-of-the-art ultrasonic components for use in wire & flip-chip die bonders used for assembly and connection technology in semiconductor production (chip bonding). In addition, it also offers test systems for ultrasonic transducers as well as consulting for ultrasonic bonding processes, bonding capability investigations and on-site displacement investigations using laser interferometry.

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