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Optical Analytics in the Capital Region Berlin-Brandenburg

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36 Process Measurement

36 Process Measurement Technology Measuring head prismagic ® © Bi-Ber GmbH & Co. KG Multispectral KUSTAx.xMSI camera for sorting plastics © LLA Instruments GmbH Image Processing for Quality Control The principal concern of Bi-Ber is the development and production of imaging systems for monitoring quality during production. The company focuses on implementing optical measurement systems for inspecting electronic and mechanical components in belt/testing/programming/assembly machinery for use by the medical device, automotive supply and electronics industries. The company provides standard quality assurance solutions to the confectionery industry, e.g. imaging systems for zero check monitoring as well as multi-view 3D applications (e.g. PRIS- MAGIC®, either as an all-in-one system or as components). Examples of suitable applications include the visual inspection of starter strip ceramics, radioactive seeds in medical technology, empty bottles, or other cylindrical components. Berlin-based pi4_robotics is one of the leading manufacturers of imaging systems, automatic inspection systems and robots. In the photovoltaics sector, pi4_robotics is setting the standard with quality inspection systems based on electroluminescent technology. Currently, its system solutions are used in particular in industry sectors like photovoltaics, automotive, glass, medicine and pharmaceuticals, fuel cell manufacturing as well as in the field of ceramics. The main revenue drivers at pi4_robotics include inspection systems for flat glass. pi4_robotics invented the product identification system PV-IDent. Using electroluminescence images of solar panels, this system detects inherent product characteristics and uses them for product recognition. CHRONOS VISION also offers solutions for industrial imaging (machine vision). Whether you are looking for suitable camera hardware or a turnkey solution – the experts at CHRONOS VI- SION will assist you in choosing the right camera model through consultation or complimentary testing. They also offer individualized know-how transfer through targeted training sessions and by providing support during the development phase. Applications range from the automotive industry to the food industry. Imaging Spectroscopy For more than 20 years, LLA Instruments (LLA) has been developing and manufacturing analytical technology for chemical imaging for use during processing and in the laboratory. NIR spectrometers by LLA are utilized worldwide to analyze and sort material streams, e.g. waste separation in recycling. LLA technology makes it possible to quickly and easily identify PVC during PET-flake sorting and to identify extraneous material in paper recycling. In addition, imaging

Process Measurement Technology 37 Infrared Cameras Compact Series High Performance Series Handheld Thermometers Full-frame CCD cameras for VUV, EUV, X-ray imaging and spectroscopy © greateyes GmbH Optris GmbH IR cameras and pyrometer © Optris GmbH NIR spectrometers are also used in C & D recycling, minerals and food sorting. The NIR portfolio includes multi- and hyperspectral cameras as well as multiplexed NIR spectrometers. An extensive range of accessories, such as illumination units, software packages, RGB cameras and comprehensive technical support services round out the NIR portfolio at LLA. The high-resolution Echelle spectrometer ESA 4000 was developed for in-situ analysis of inorganic matter such as metal and glass. Super-sensitive CCD Cameras for Spectroscopy and Imaging greateyes offers a series of high performance cooled fullframe CCD cameras for imaging and spectroscopy with ranges from X-Ray to near infrared (NIR). The cameras combine scientific CCD sensors and low-noise readout electronics for optimal detection of weak signals. These properties make them ideal detectors for use in a broad range of applications in the industrial and scientific community, e.g. to inspect solar cells and modules. Solar cells and solar modules may suffer from a variety of invisible defects which reduce their output power and long-term stability. The highly sensitive inspection systems from greateyes are able to uncover these defects. The instruments are employed in R&D, production control and optimization, inbound & out-bound quality checks, defect analysis, as well as in the inspection of solar power equipment. As a result, these systems contribute to significantly reducing costs and increasing the quality of photovoltaic products. IR Sensors and Cameras For over ten years now, Optris has been developing and manufacturing innovative infrared measurement devices for non-contact temperature measurement, including handheld thermometers, stationary industrial thermometers and infrared cameras for point and area measurement. Together with its free thermal analysis software, its devices enable constant monitoring and control of virtually every manufacturing process, providing for reductions in production costs through specific process optimization. The fields in which its equipment is being applied include the automotive industry, plastics processing, temperature control in medicine, life sciences, the metalworking industry, the solar and semiconductor industry, the glass industry, the pulp, paper and textile industry, and, not least, laser processes.

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