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Optical Analytics in the Capital Region Berlin-Brandenburg

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10 Facts & Figures:

10 Facts & Figures: Optical Analytics in Berlin-Brandenburg very high high Significance avarage low very low Berlin-Brandenburg Germany Western Europe Eastern Europe North America Asia incl. Russia Location of cutomers Location of suppliers Location of cooperation partners of research institutions Figure 7: Assessment of the development of R&D investments in the coming years (as of 2014) Source: Berlin Partner for Business and Technology, own survey Location Evaluation Even with the general assessment of the location of Berlin-Brandenburg, the link between research and industry plays a significant role (see fig. 8). While from the companies’ perspective there is pent-up demand for the settlement of industrial users, the offer to suitable research institutions is assessed as clearly positive. The research institutions’ assessment in every area is even more positive, even if they also desire a wider range of users. The pronounced research landscape is one of the biggest location advantages of the capital region, as is the concentration of many actors in a relatively small area and their networking intensity. Data Collection Methodology The basis of the indicators presented here is a content-defined group of 55 regional companies and 22 research institutions that develop and produce components, systems and devices belonging to the optical analytics focal area. The calculations for the development of revenue and employ- ment figures are mainly based on surveys from commercial databases. The classification of the sectors of the official statistics for the sector studied here provides no sharp differentiation in content. The primary source is the MARKUS database from Bureau van Dijk Electronic Publishing and the Federation of Creditreform Associations which includes structural, financial and investment data from about 1.2 million officially registered companies. Wherever possible, data gaps were filled using primary data from individual interviews and research. The revenue and employment figures include only manufacturing companies. Service providers and retail companies are not included. With supra-regional companies with multiple locations, only the employees in Berlin-Brandenburg and their proportional contribution to the company’s overall revenue were included in the calculations. Between August and October 2014, Berlin Partner for Business and Technology conducted a standardized survey of 55 companies and 22 universities and research institutions in Berlin-Brandenburg in optical analytics. A total of 26 organizations participated in the survey. The evaluated data were included in the analysis of field-specific technology trends and assessments in particular. The Berlin-Brandenburg region has a high potential of scientific cooperation partners for our company / research institution! I completely… disagree agree disagree The Berlin-Brandenburg region has a high potential of commercial cooperation partners (users) for our company / research institution! I completely... Companies Research institutions agree Figure 8: Evaluation of Berlin-Brandenburg as a location Source: Berlin Partner for Business and Technology, own survey

Report 2014 – Analytic City Adlershof 11 3 History of Optical Analysis in Berlin-Brandenburg

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