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Lightweight Technologies in the Capital Region Berlin Brandenburg

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LIGHTWEIGHT CONSTRUCTION – KEY TECHNOLOGY FOR THE CAPITAL REGION As a cross-sectional field for a wide range of industrial applications, lightweight technologies contribute to modern, efficient designs and therefore to the achievement of climate targets. As a metropolitan area, Berlin and Brandenburg offer the necessary expertise to play a significant role in the further development of this key technology thanks to the well-established research and development in materials and the strongly interconnected innovation landscape. In addition, the capital region has a large number of companies and research institutions with outstanding innovation dynamics in relevant technology fields such as additive manufacturing and digitalization. “At SPACE STRUCTURES, high-performance lightweight components and systems are created through the consistent use of digital design and manufacturing tools. Design-to-Value and a high level of interdisciplinarity already characterize the tasks of our engineers today. In the digital capital Berlin, we find the talent we need for tomorrow.” Dr. Ing. Benjamin Braun CEO, Space Structures GmbH

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