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Life Sciences Report 2019 / 2020

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Life Sciences Report – Editorial 3 The 2020s: The German Capital Region enters a new decade of healthcare innovation The future of life sciences and medicine is uncertain. We were in the mid of intensive debates about how we can offer patients the most individual treatments through data and whether artificial intelligence might redefine the job profile of physicians forever, when the coronavirus pandemic hit the world. Thus we took a wider look in the future to answer the question of the state of innovation of our healthcare region. With today’s Life Science Report 2020 we can confidently state: The German Capital Region is ready and will be an even more important life science hub in the future. The acceleration of innovation cycles in the global healthcare economy is apparent. The German capital region – already a world leader in areas such as digital health – is undergoing a pathbreaking transformation process throughout all areas of life sciences that is mostly shaped by developing cutting edge technologies, concentrating synergy effects between its highly established research infrastructure and ensuring a frictionless knowledge transfer. The unique concentration and networking opportunities of science, clinics and business have long been recognized as one of the regions biggest strengths. That is why recent growth in digital therapies, additive manufacturing, genome therapies and of course the development of artificial intelligence are emerging from larger as well as smaller companies and academic spin-offs. Berlin-Brandenburg based life sciences companies are responding to new and emerging markets by continuing to strategically invest in expansion and innovation to further modernize their products and production processes. Investments that not only strengthen their international competitiveness but show a common interest to develop the life sciences region as a whole. Naturally when we are addressing the big challenges that are ahead of the industry and research we have to factor in the radical change of the health consumer behavior. Patients are better informed about their genetic profile, the diseases they have and might have, and the availability of healthcare treatments. In the German health capital region we have a tradition in bringing together industry, care provider and the “quantified self patient” to work on better solutions that meet the expectations of patients in terms of potential treatments at a time, place and cost convenient to the individual. In our new Life Sciences Report you will find a comprehensive overview how Berlin-Brandenburg is developing towards those challenges both to be competitive as an international location and ensuring the highest standard of modern healthcare for its population. We are convinced that those who are most successful in global healthcare industries are those who succeed in finding the best partners in order to turn new knowledge into innovation. We are committed to support our partners and further expand the region internationally to become the leading center for healthcare industries and life sciences – for 2020 and beyond. © Berlin Partner | fotostudio-charlottenburg Dr. Kai Bindseil Cluster Manager HealthCapital Berlin-Brandenburg Berlin Partner for Business and Technology

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