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Life Sciences Report 2019 / 2020

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Partnering with Pfizer

Partnering with Pfizer Worldwide R & D Venture Capital Public / Private Partnerships New Cases and Spin Outs Academic Collaboration Rare Disease Innovative Target Exploration Network Inflammation & Immunology Mergers & Acquisitions Oncology Visiting Scientists Licensing & Options Incubators & Accelerators Vaccines Series A Funding Gene Therapy Centers for Therapeutic Innovation Enterpreneur in Residence Anti-Infectives Disease Foundation Internal Medicine Seed Investments IM_1911_KST2271158_Anzeige_Carta2020_216x154_1.indd 1 29.11.19 11:11 CONELIS Competence Network Life Sciences CONELIS – Competence Network Life Sciences – provides top-tier consulting services to the lifesciences industry. provides top-tier consulting services to the lifesciences industry. We are network of about 40 distinguished senior We are a network of about 40 distinguished senior experts who can be contracted individually or as experts who can be contracted individually or as part of interdisciplinary teams for support in: part of interdisciplinary teams for support in: CMC • CMC Clinical • Clinical Nonclinical • Nonclinical Medicinal Products ATMPs • Medicinal Products / ATMPs Regulatory • Regulatory Compliance • Compliance Business Strategy • Business Strategy IP • IP Corporate Design • Corporate Design

Life Sciences Report – Drug Discovery and Development: Pharma 13 Pharma Industry: A shared approach to grow through investing The pharmaceutical industry in Berlin-Brandenburg employs around 11,000 people in the capital region. Many companies have invested in their locations in recent years, others have established a branch office in Berlin or Brandenburg. Moreover the networking with research, biotechnology and startups and the degree of digitization is increasing more and more. Global corporations such as Bayer, BERLIN-CHEMIE, Bausch Health and B. Braun have been active in Berlin- Brandenburg for many years. In 2000 Sanofi, Pfizer Germany since 2008, Shire and Takeda and smaller units of Astra Zeneca, Boehringer Ingelheim, AbbVie and Novartis were established – some of them with an additional focus on digital health in Berlin. In addition, more than 20 medium-sized and small pharmaceutical companies have headquarters, production sites and marketing and sales units in the region, both long-time such as Dr. Kade, Klosterfrau or Dentinox, as well as newcomers, such as Riemser Pharma or Hevert. The industry benefits from the excellent scientific environment, the clinical research landscape, the proximity to decisionmakers in the healthcare sector and the high availability of well-trained specialists. With many biotechnology companies and contract manufacturers such as Aristo Pharma or Spreewälder Arzneimittel, other important partners for the pharmaceutical industry are represented in the region. More and more global players and medium-sized companies are settling here in order to benefit from these location advantages. In recent years, Berlin has also become an increasingly interesting startup hub for the pharmaceutical industry. In the near future, many companies will not only gain a foothold in the pharmaceutical sector, but also in neighbouring sectors such as medical devices, diagnostics and data management. Berlin is home both to the global headquarters of the pharmaceuticals division of Bayer AG and its largest research location with pharmaceutical production. The division’s strategy is focused on innovative treatment options for diseases with urgent medical need. The successful realisation of such a portfolio lies with product supply, i.e. pharmaceutical production, which is being expanded and aligned to include technology platforms. This requires investments in structures and technologies to enable quick reactions to market requirements while taking into account supply and competitiveness and meet the growing demands for quality and security. Bayer plans to set up a centre of excellence for the manufacture of chemically and biologically-based, aseptic liquid, and freeze-dried medication at its Berlin site at a cost of about €100 million. The most modern technologies developed together with external partner companies will be used for highly automated production with highly digitalised production support and innovative, robotic dispensing. For Berlin-Brandenburg as one of the leading research locations, the particular innovative strength of the pharmaceutical industry pays off twice over. Cooperation between pharmaceutical companies, clinics and scientific institutes guarantees patients state-of-the-art, high-quality healthcare and innovations by pharmaceutical companies create and secure sustainable jobs in the region. Furthermore the current investments and activities of the local pharmaceutical industry can be seen as proof of the © BAYER AG “It is our goal to bring innovative drugs onto the market that will significantly improve the quality of life for patients,” Stefan Oelrich, Board Member, Bayer AG, and Head of the Pharmaceuticals Division commented when the project launched in September 2019. “The new investment is a clear commitment to our centre of innovation in Berlin. With strong research and the intelligent combination of new technologies in production, we can get innovative ideas for medicines faster to the market and thus to the patient from our base in Berlin.” Stefan Oelrich Board Member, Bayer AG, and Head of the Pharmaceuticals Division

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