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Life Sciences Report 2017 / 2018

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66 Life Sciences Report – Biotech Companies Dr. Götz Verfahrenstechnik Biotechnik Umwelttechnik Contract research and contract manufacturing using bacteria, yeasts and fungi. Dr. Lerche KG Innovative company engaged in development, production and marketing of specialized microcapsules for bio- and medical technology - Development and production of novel DNA-Purification-Kits with proprietary technology - Production and marketing of microcapsules (LUMiTainer), microbeads and cell based sedimentation standards for blood analysis (Sedi-Val ESR standards) - Encapsulation of cells - Contract analysis for characterization of microcapsules, porous membranes and hollow fibres. Dr. Otto GmbH Handling with research and development of ecological products its process of development also its production and marketing - Production and refinement of plantingredients - Operate an analytical laboratory of renewable resources and chem. Analysis. Dr. Rölleke Labor für Genetische Analytik GmbH Dr. Roelleke is specialized on the identification of microorganisms, particularly in the area of food safety. Furthermore, Dr. Roelleke is authorized expert on paternity tests for courts and the private sector. E.R.D.E.-AAK-Diagnostik GmbH E.R.D.E.-AAK-Diagnostik GmbH is a laboratory that offers antibody testing for commercial purposes. EMP Biotech GmbH Production of fluorescent dyes and chemiluminescent reagents. Contract chemical synthesis of small molecules. Contract labeling and purification of proteins, antibodies and oligonucleotides. Production of sizeexclusion gels, columns and filter plates. Production of high quality reagents for DNA synthesis. Epigenomics AG Development and commercialization of innovative molecular diagnostic test products based on DNA methylation for cancer screening and for cancer specialty applications. Epinamics GmbH epinamics is focusing on research and development of drug delivery technology for dermal and transdermal application of pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical products. The patent protected Liqui-Patch ® platform technology is a polymer-based, sprayable and film-forming drug delivery technology. The unique technology allows the effective formulation and delivery of a broad range of (active) pharmaceutical ingredients in high concentrations and low volume, which serves key patient needs of convenience, tolerability, efficacy and safety in drug application. Currently, epinamics is pursuing the development of transdermal Liqui-Patch ® products for treatment of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Epiontis GmbH Establishing methylation fingerprinting as Gold Standard for quality control in Regenerative Medicine and Immunomonitoring. Epo Experimentelle Pharmakologie & Onkologie GmbH The pharmaceutical and oncological testing of new drugs or treatment concepts for cancer is a specialized market segment. Using the equipment available, all experimental techniques can be carried out in first-rate quality. That means that EPO is an attractive partner for the drug development section of large pharmaceutical companies, for partners from the Biotech industry and for research institutions. Eternygen GmbH Eternygen is a Berlin based start up founded in June 2012 focusing on research, development and marketing of innovative drugs using a network of renowned scientists and contract research organizations. The main focus of Eternygen´s development and core competences of its founders are research and development of new drugs for dietary-related metabolic diseases with dramatically increasing prevalences in the last decades. Eurovir Hygiene-Institut/Dr. Thraenhart Laboratory service for testing the efficiency of products against viruses (virucides) and of processes for inactivating or eliminating viruses (virus safety). EVESTRA GmbH EVESTRA is a newly founded biotech company focusing on developing female health products. The companies expertise resides with steroid chemistry and biology. EVESTRA’s product pipeline includes products for contraception, hormone replacement therapy, gynecological disorders and hormon dependent cancers.

Life Sciences Report – Biotech Companies 67 evoxx-technologies GmbH evoxx technologies is an industrial biotech company focusing on the development and production of industrial enzymes and development of oligosaccharides and polysaccharides to be primarily used in food applications. They are specifically targeting ingredients that offer consumer health benefits. evoxx has a team of about 40 scientists and technicians and two sites in Germany, Monheim am Rhein and Potsdam. Fermtec GmbH Development of non-alcoholic beverages, beers and beer mix beverages, lactic acid fermentation, innovative foods and beverages and auxiliary substances for the food industry. FILT Lungen- und Thoraxdiagnostik GmbH Development of innovative, non-invasive diagnostic methods in the area of respiratory diseases and allergies. Formula GmbH Galenical development of liquids and solid formulations Lyophilization Technolgy also apllicable for biochemical products Granulation, drying and coating using fluid bed drying-technology, tabletting Development and validation of analytical methods including UPLC Stability testing (ICH / GMP related to on going) Import of medicinal poducts from non-EU-countries, manufacturing, quality control (re-test) and release for market in accordance with §16 AMWHV for medicinal products and clinical supplies GMP-certificat / Manufacturing license in accordance with §13 AMG. G&Life SpA G&life provides personalized strategies based on genetics. The life-science company is made up of a multidisciplinary team combining expertise in genetics, nutrition, sport and engineering to develop products and services aimed at improving the quality of life. GA Generic Assays GmbH Development, manufacturing and international distribution of in-vitro tests including tissue and cell-based IFA, Dot and ELISA assays for the diagnosis of rheumatic and other autoimmune diseases with neurologic, vascular, hepatic, renal or gastrointestinal origin. Patent holder of CytoBead ® assay, a one-step diagnostic tool combining cell/tissue-based immunofluorescence assay for the screening and microparticle-based multiplex assay for the differentiation and confirmation of autoimmune diseases. GenExpress Gesellschaft für Proteindesign GmbH GenExpress is a flexible company providing services in molecular biology. For over a decade we have successfully worked for customers in clinical laboratories, research institutions and the industry. We offer cloning of PCR targets, preparation of synthetic genes, expression of proteins, evaluation of LightCycler ® assays, furthermore production of internal controls and standards for Real Time PCR systems, also cloning, expression and purification of proteins. GILUPI GmbH GILUPI is a medical diagnostics company with an initial focus on the prenatal and cancer market. The company is developing an innovative new diagnostic product based on nanotechnology. Our goal is to catch specific cells, which can be found only in very low concentration in the blood. The first application for our new nanosensor device will be prenatal diagnoses of chromosomal aberration out of maternal blood. The second application will focus on the early diagnosis of cancer. Glycon Biochemicals GmbH Glycon Biochemicals is a specialist in the field of carbohydrate chemistry, ionic and non ionic carbohydrate detergents, first of all anomeric pure n-Dodecyl ß-maltoside and building units used for the synthesis of new pharmaceutical compounds and diagnostics. Glycotope GmbH Glycotope is a leading company in glycomics and immunotherapeutics. It has developed novel therapeutic antibodies and the unique GEX ® platform technology for production and glyco-optimization of biological entities. GlycoUniverse GmbH GlycoUniverse GmbH & Co KGaA is a technology spin-off of the Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces. Registered on 10th October 2013, the company deals with the automated development and synthetic production of complex sugars and is seeking customers and collaboration with leading scientific institutes in Europe and world-wide. Götz Protein Engineering Offering a wide range of protein technology up to the final purified protein.

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