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Life Sciences Report 2017 / 2018

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62 Life Sciences Report – Biotech Companies Avitop GmbH Avitop is focusing on probiotics and food concepts with specific health indications. Based on the highest scientific standards, we develop a new generation of probiotics and food with unmet specific functions.We deliver the food industry with new and specific solutions for actual and future health challenges facing modern society.. bbi-biotech GmbH The brand bbi-biotech is a well-known synonym for innovative fermentors and bioreactors. bbi-biotech offers equipment, services and accessories for all process applications within the biotech, pharma, cosmetic and food industry. With xCUBIO bbi-biotech developed a technologically superior bioreactor toolbox with predefined and customized modules, which are selected only by customer’s demands and which can be combined quickly to a personalized solution. Another core focus of bbi-biotech is on the innovative fully-automated sampling system bioPROBE for automatic dead-volume-free and sterile sampling of fluids to combine cultivation and downstream systems with process analytics. BEB BioEnergy Berlin GmbH Planning, Design, Construction, Supervision and Implementation of Biogas/Hydropower plants, Preplanning, Feasibility Studies and Research activities in the field of renewable energies, Optimization of the process in existing biogas plants. Belano AG ORGANOBALANCE Medical AG funds and promotes the research and development of novel therapies based on specific probiotic cultures, aiming to develop active substances and mechanisms for innovative medicinal products and medical devices, as well as offer new therapeutic concepts for hitherto inadequately treatable indications. Berlin Cures GmbH The company’s goal is to bring aptamers as new drug candidates against autoantibody-induced dilated cardiomyopathy and other autoantibody-associated diseases into the clinical application. BG Berlin-Genetics GmbH BG Berlin-Genetics GmbH is a new provider for genetic diagnostics and consulting in genetic diagnostics. We are a team of experienced human geneticists and have worked for many years in the field of human genetic science and human genetic diagnostics. Our aim is the development of innovative cooperation concepts, to connect classical patient-based medical care centers with modern technology-based service centers. In future, these cooperation forms will enable efficient, high quality, and patient-based genetic diagnostics. Bioanalyt GmbH Bioanalyt develops and distributes the worldwide first easy-to-use and portable test kits for the analysis of vitamins and micro nutrients. The iCheck-iEx test kits enable food producers, food authorities and NGOs to monitor their ongling food programms more efficiently and at low-cost. The company was founded in 2006 by Prof. Dr. F. J. Schweigert as a spin-off of the University of Potsdam. Read more on our website Biochrom AG Biochrom is Germany’s largest manufacturer of cell culture products (media, sera, and others) and sterile liquids. They are distributed to universities, industrial cell culture laboratories and industrial manufacturers. Service is of special significance for users of cell cultures. Special media developments and production optimizations are offered. BIOCYC Gesellschaft für Biotechnologie und Recycling mbH & Co.KG Production of bio-chemicals, peptides, in vitro diagnostics, test-kits. Development of consumer service for peptides and biochemicals. BioGenes GmbH BioGenes is a full service immunoassay and antibody (monoclonal and polyclonal) development company with outstanding problem solving capabilities specializing in challenging projects that are carried out by an exceptionally experienced and interdisciplinary team. Bioline GmbH Our mission is to provide customers with a range of products which are fast and easy to use, guaranteed to work and developed by scientists who understand what our customers are trying to achieve so they can focus on their scientific goals. Bioline reagents are used by molecular biologists and other research scientists to perform test-assays and research in many fields from medical, biotechnology and marine biology. BioMedion GmbH IT-Service for all GxP-Regulatory Tasks Data- and Document Management, Long-Term-Archiving and Digital Signature, SOP-Management, CAPA, Raw Data Management, Consulting for Validation of Computerized Systems according to GAMP4/5.

Life Sciences Report – Biotech Companies 63 Biopract GmbH Service and Additives (enzymes, trace elements, microbes) for biogas and waste water sludge treatmentEnzyme analysis in agriculture industry Contract reserach feed additives. GmbH Based on main precursors of plants, carbohydrates in kind of sugar, starch and cellulose, and proteins, the company has developed four complex product lines (Biorefinery systems) which leads to a great number of valuable products with the help of chemistry and biotechnology. BioRepro GmbH BioRepro is the first pharmac. company, whose core competency is the breeding of leeches under controlled laboratory conditions for medical therapies. We concentrate on the establishment of GMP breeding procedures and will be able to provide leeches with standardized quality while equally allowing scalability to supply medical demand. Additionally, through the re-initiation of fundamental research, we will gain deeper understanding of further potential in medical and cosmetic treatment areas. BioS Biotechnologie Schönow GmbH Embryo transfer and associated biotechnologies in animals. Service, training and research in this field. BIOSYNTAN Gesellschaft für bioorganische Synthese mbH BIOSYNTAN offers the custom synthesis of standard peptides, the synthesis of modified peptides (e.g. glycoand phosphopeptides, dye labeled peptides) and hapten modifications for the conjugate synthesis. In cooperation with BIOGENES GmbH Berlin we offer poly- and monoclonal antibodies. Biotech-Laboratorium für Environment BLE GmbH Development of detection systems which are able, economically and rapidaly, to detect oil contaminations and industrial oil waste, in soil and in water and their biological depletion. The BLE GmbH is concerned with the biological degradation of oil contaminations and the development of a set of bio-preparations consisting of different bacterial strains which break down oil. biotechrabbit GmbH biotechrabbit GmbH is determined to offer the newest and best life science products and innovative solutions to scientists leading the fight againstdisease and fueling our lives with innovations. We supply ultra pure enzymes and high-quality antibody services for diagnostics and a life science product portfolio(including reagents for PCR and nucleic acid purification)for molecular biology and proteomics. The biotechrabbit advantage is our combination ofpassion for excellent research with the agility of true entrepreneurship. BIOTECON Diagnostics GmbH BIOTECON Diagnostics has been well known as a qualified partner in the field of molecular and microbiology for more than 15 years. We focus on development, production and marketing of PCR-based rapid detection systems. BIOTECON Diagnostics offers solutions for the food and beverage industry as well as for producers of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. BioTeZ Berlin-Buch GmbH Services (Custom DNA and RNA Oligonucleotide synthesis, Immuno affinity columns) - Development of Enzyme Immunoassays, e.g. for Therapeutic Antibodies- Bio Conjugates - Immobilization of Bio Molekules for better Signalling-R&D (Aptamer). GmbH Clinical datasets are difficult to analyze by reported Machine Learning approaches due to their small samples and many features. Our approach is able to identify significant patterns, which can be used for novel diagnostics and therapies. BIOWORX -Biotechnologielabor- Thomas Grimm BIOWORX offers services in the fields of contract research for customer-specific Biotransformations, the screening, isolation and production of Biocatalysts from microorganisms and plants and the bioanalytic syntheses. Further organic compounds and metabolites will be synthesized with enzymes for customer in kg scale. BiRDS Pharma GmbH BiRDS Pharma GmbH, integrated into the BDD/CCDRD group, provides services in the field of drug development to pharmaceutical and biotech companies, including management of drug development projects as well as consulting services. The company also pursues own drug development projects based on intellectual property generated within BDD/CCDRD group, with a focus on drug candidates derived from Atomic Substitution Technology (AST). Blue Biolabs GmbH Blue Biolabs is a spin-off company from the TU-Berlin, which specialises in the development of products and services in the field of environmental analysis using methods of microbiology and molecular biology.

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