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Life Sciences Report 2017 / 2018

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60 Life

60 Life Sciences Report – Biotech Companies AJ Innuscreen GmbH The AJ Innuscreen GmbH is a young life science company working in the field of biotechnology and boosts the life science unit of Analytik Jena AG. Innovative technologies and products are developed and produced for the isolation and purification of nucleic acids. Reagent systems for molecular biology, as well as technologies and products for molecular diagnostics, are also included in the product portfolio. The company is EN ISO 9001:2008 and EN ISO 13485:2003 + AC:2009 certified. Alacris Theranostics GmbH Alacris Theranostics GmbH is a systems medicine company based in Berlin specialised in developing innovative approaches for cancer precision medicine and drug development. With its award-winning portfolio of technologies - ModCell, NGSight & Oncovar - Alacris delivers a unique combination of deep molecular insight and predictive modelling that is set to shape the cancer care landscape, from diagnosis and treatment to targeted drug development. Alacris has built up a highly qualified network of collaborators including renowned clinics, academics and pharmaceutical companies, to accelerate the translation of research innovations and technologies into direct benefits for patients. Alcat Europe GmbH Alcat Europe GmbH is the daughter of the US company Cell Science Systems, the original developer of the Alcat test technology. The company is specialized to identify intolerant reactions of the leucocytes to foreign substances like foods, drugs or chemicals. Algenol Biofuels Germany GmbH The company focuses on the biotechnological use of cyanobacteria, especially the development and optimization of cyanobacteria for the production of environmentally friendly biofuels and chemical feedstocks. ALRISE Biosystems GmbH ALRISE is a drug delivery company that specializes in the nano- and micro-encapsulation of active ingredients. Using its globally patented ImSus ® technology, ALRISE are developing parenteral deposit pharmaceutical forms for proteins, peptides or small molecules. Customers are mainly large pharmaceutical companies who are developing improved administration forms for active ingredients whose patents are expiring together with ALRISE as part of their “Product Lifecycle Management”. Amal Therapeutics S.A. Amal Therapeutics SA is a Swiss biotech start-up company and spin-off from the University of Geneva with a subsidy in Berlin. Amal uses its proprietary cell penetrating peptide platform to develop and progress therapeutic vaccines in oncology. Amocol Bioprocedures Ltd. Amocol Bioprocedures Ltd is a life science research & development and manufacturing company headquartered in Germany. Our mission is to supply innovative affinity chromatography media products and protein purification tools for research scientists and clinical customers in public sector institutes and industry. AnaKat Institut für Biotechnologie GmbH AnaKat Institut für Biotechnologie GmbH has specialized on analytical determination of pharmaceutical ingredients. Analyticon Discovery GmbH AnalytiCon is a biotechnology company focusing on the development of compound libraries consisting of natural product (NP) and synthetic small molecules. As the global market leader in NP small molecule screening compounds, AnalytiCon is the only company which is able to provide vast collections with completely disclosed structural information. As a pure compound provider the company is offering its products and services to the pharmac., chemical, biotech, cosmetical and nutraceutical industry. Analytisches Zentrum Biopharm Berlin GmbH Analytisches Zentrum Biopharm Berlin GmbH is a GLP and GMP certified contract research organization located in Berlin. AZ Biopharm gained broad experience over 20 years in the field of bioanalytics, pharmaceutical quality control for human and veterinary medications and the determination of physicochemical parameters of chemicals according to OECD guidelines. Providing customized analytical solutions from research & development to routine analytics, AZ Biopharm uses well established to in house developed sophisticated analytical techniques. AnaTox GmbH & Co. KG The AnaTox GmbH & Co. KG deals with the development and optimization of analytical methods and devices for HPLC and dissolution. Anau Berlin-lab GmbH Development and distribution of lab devices.

Life Sciences Report – Biotech Companies 61 ANiMOX GmbH Development of applications for the use of natural peptide / amino acid mixtures in chemistry and biotechnology, f.i. as a scavenger material in formaldehyde bounded formulations, foaming or hydrophobic Tensid compounds or as a N-source in biotechnological fermentation processes, distribution of a technology for the production of such basic materials from raw and residual materials. Aokin AG Aokin AG is a Berlin biotechnology company that is specialized in the development and commercialization of innovative analytical systems on the base of the rapid kinetic assay technology. The aokin systems are unique in their precision and operating speed. Areas of application are food and antibody analytics as well as clinical diagnostics. We also offer laboratory services in the area of food analytics, Pharmacoanalytics and chemical synthesis. Aptarion biotech AG Aptarion biotech develops biostable L-aptamers for the treatment of life-threatening diseases and for biosensors. Spearhead for our therapeutic strategy is AON-D21 that binds and inhibits the complement protein C5a with a unique mechanism of action. Encouraging preclinical data in several disease models support the development of AON-D21 in indications such as severe pneumonia, sepsis or lung cancer. Based on a recently established proprietary and broadly applicable technology to immobilize L-aptamers on various sensor types, we plan the development of novel biosensors together with partners. ARGUS Umweltbiotechnologie GmbH ARGUS is a medium-sized company. Since 1987 ARGUS works on the field of remediation of contaminated groundwater, soil, waste water and waste air. ARGUS is able to elaborate a specific remediation program in each different pollution case considering economic aspects beside ecological aspects. All necessary treatment steps can be planned and carried out. The combination of microbiological steps with classic processes leads to a successful remediation of complex contamination. Artemiflow GmbH Artemiflow is a spin-off from the Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces (MPIKG). By the industrial use of an international patent held by MPIKG, Artemiflow uses a new process to produce Artemisinin from dihydroartemisinic acid (DHAA). DHAA is available in abundance in the waste of the current production process for Artemisinin. ASCA GmbH Angewandte Synthesechemie Adlershof Attomol GmbH Molekulare ASCA is a partner for contract research in the field of medicinal chemistry. The synthesis and optimization of lead structures, the development of new active structures and Diagnostika their check on a laboratory scale are offered. We take a lot of care on working out the synthetic schemes, rapid preparations and exact analysis of the samples. All our results are carefully documented for our customers. Access to literature databases and inhouse analytical facilities are available. Astra Biotech GmbH Astra Biotech GmbH offers high quality reagents, allergens, antibodies, recombinant proteins, and assays for the determination of hormones, allergies, tumour markers and infectious diseases. Quality is one of the key cornerstones on which Astra Biotech maintains its reputation and with which we strive to increase customer satisfaction and gain growing customer loyalty. We take great pride in our highest quality assays, which are all IVD compliant and therefore suitable for direct, accurate and reproducible diagnostic purposes, as well as for research. ATLAS Biolabs GmbH ATLAS Biolabs GmbH is a leading provider of microarray based genomic services such as genome wide gene expression and SNP analysis, CGH analysis and diagnostic services for registered doctors and hospitals, as well as for pharmaceutical, biotechnological and diagnostic enterprises. Attomol GmbH Molekulare Diagnostika The company’s aim is to develop, produce and distribute medical diagnostics for human medicine in the field of molecular genetics, infectious and autoimmune diseases. AudioCure Pharma GmbH AudioCure is focus on the clinical development of drug candidates for neurodegenerative diseases with high unmet medical need. AutoTissue GmbH The company is engaged in the development, production and marketing of medical devices for cardiovascular surgeons. The products are specially made for the patients and have less side effects. The first certified product was a pulmonary heart valve (Matrix P) for the right ventricular outflow tract reconstruction (RVOT). The second product is also a heart valve which considerably shortens the operation time (Matrix P plus). Meanwhile a complete glutaraldehyde free valve is available called Matrix P plus N.

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