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Life Sciences Report 2017 / 2018

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6 Life Sciences Report – Companies and Jobs – Facts and Figures Companies and Jobs – Facts and Figures The German capital region is one of Europe’s leading life sciences locations and is growing continually. A total of around 30,000 employees work in more than 500 companies in the pharma, biotech and medtech industry. The regional life sciences industry employment rate grew by more than seven percent in the last two years, while the number of companies has remained almost consistent. This dynamic increase results mainly from companies’ innovations, investments, and strong collaborations. 305 34 30 Companies Total: 568 229 10,636 Employees Total: 29,485 5,281 Medtech Pharma Biotech 13,568 Number of Companies and Employees Source Biotech & Medtech: Internal Survey HealthCapital, May 2017 Source Pharma: Verband der Chemischen Industrie e.V., Landesverband Nordost, 2016 Overview of key facts (source: internal HealthCapital survey in-mid 2017): • 13,568 employees work in 305 medtech companies, which is a growth of 8 percent in employment figures compared to 2015. • 5,281 employees work in 228 biotech companies, representing a growth of 6 percent in employment figures compared to 2015. • The growth in employment numbers is primarily due to growth of established mid-sized companies. • The biotech and medtech landscape is mainly characterized by small and mid-sized companies. 460 companies employ fewer than 50 workers. Over 70 percent of all employees work at larger companies (73) that have over 50 employees. • More than 80 percent of biotech companies are active in biomedicine. • Digital health, cardiovasular technologies and diagnostic imaging are significant topics in the region’s medtech sector. • In addition to the biotech and medtech landscape, the capital region has an outstanding tradition of pharma drug development. Global players, such as Bayer, Pfizer, Sanofi, Takeda or Berlin-Chemie (as part of the Menarini group), and more than 20 medium-sized companies, offering jobs for a total of 10,636 employees. Deals and investments The continuous growth in the Berlin-Brandenburg region is mainly due to the companies’ innovations and investments. This is illustrated by the following highlights from selected biotech and medtech companies representing the life sciences industries in Berlin-Brandenburg. Ipsen and 3B Pharmaceuticals GmbH have signed an exclusive worldwide license agreement for novel radiopharmaceuticals in oncology (targeting the neurotensin receptor). Ipsen will focus on developing the lead program currently in preclinical development to treat pancreatic ade-

Life Sciences Report – Companies and Jobs – Facts and Figures 7 nocarcinoma and potentially other oncology indications. 3B Pharmaceuticals will receive an upfront licensing payment, and is eligible to receive development and regulatory milestones of up to € 82 million. AudioCure has secured A-round funding of about € 9 million from MED-EL, HTGF and private investors. MED-EL receives exclusive licensing rights and shares while existing investors increase their shares. AudioCure will use the funding to get its front-runner small molecule AC102 into Phase I clinical trials for auditory disorders including acute hearing loss and acute tinnitus. The pharmaceutical division of Bayer AG is headquartered in Berlin, and controls its global business from here. Berlin is also one of Bayer’s production locations, and a key research location as well. On average, the company invested roughly € 55 million per year in its Berlin location over the last 3 years, modernizing the research laboratories and part of production, as well as carrying out other projects. Over 5,000 employees are currently working for Bayer in Berlin. B. Braun is represented in Berlin with three locations. Besides the pharmaceutical production site in Rudow, the B. Braun plant in Neukölln is specialized on products for the therapy of vascular diseases like heart catheters, stents, and vascular implants. The Aesculap Academy in Berlin- Mitte offers advanced training for medical professionals. The locations have grown, as B. Braun currently employs altogether more than 1,000 employees in Berlin. In the last two years, especially production has been expanded. The Group plans on continuing this development throughout the next years as well. After a successful capital increase campaign involving almost € 5 million at the start of 2017, CO.DON AG received EU-wide approval in July of 2017 for Spherox, an autologous human medicine to treat cartilage defects in the knee. Eckert & Ziegler Strahlen- und Medizintechnik AG, which specializes in isotope technology applications in medicine, science, and industry strengthened its market position by purchasing significant parts of the Saxon Gamma Service Group. emp Biotech GmbH, which specializes in developing and manufacturing fine chemicals, is expanding its production to 350 sqm on the Berlin-Buch campus. Chromatography matrices for pharmaceutical purposes will be produced there on a pilot scale in the future. These are used in No. of Companies 200 150 167 Medtech Biotech No. of Employees 12000 10000 10,729 131 8000 100 88 6000 75 4000 50 23 50 2000 2,097 1,677 2,983 621 742 1–10 11–50 > 50 Company Size 1–10 11–50 > 50 Company Size Number of Employees According to Company Size Source: Internal Survey HealthCapital, May 2017

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