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Life Sciences Report 2017 / 2018

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30 Life

30 Life Sciences Report – Minimally Invasive Medicine Minimally Invasive Medicine The medical technology sector is a strong pillar of the healthcare industry in the German capital region. Berlin-Brandenburg is home to more than 300 medical technology companies – including global market leaders. They all benefit from the high concentration of research expertise and unique scientific environment, which includes research institutions, universities, technology parks, and over 130 clinics. This is a crucial precondition for developing highly innovative products and procedures such as minimally invasive medicine (MIM). Minimally invasive surgery is performed in small incisions in order to avoid large wounds. This type of surgery is less stressful, and typically leads to faster patient recovery and mobilization. However, it poses unique challenges to available medical technology and the physician’s skills. There is a broad application in the over 130 clinics in the German capital region. Particularly noteworthy here are Europe’s largest university clinic Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, and Europe’s largest municipal hospital group, Vivantes Holding. Both institutions have many years of experience in the field, including with the use of da Vinci robot systems. This is a highly modern process which allows even complex operations to be performed precisely and gently. Another center for robot-assisted surgery is the Immanuel Klinik Rüdersdorf near Berlin. The hospital implemented the da Vinci surgical system in 2017 and was the third to do so in the capital region and the first center in the state of Brandenburg. Other specialized clinics, such as the S + A Klinik für MIC, make the region a sought-after center in the field – for both patients and companies working with the clinics to develop new procedures. The company KARL STORZ is a valuable partner in joint device development, as the MIC-Tower OR1 shows. Innovations for the global market Berlin-based medical technology company W.O.M. WORLD OF MEDICINE (WOM) is the global leader in some areas of minimally invasive surgery (MIS). Surgeons around the world use WOM’s device technology to perform surgical procedures with only minimal incisions. With over 450 employees worldwide, the WOM group has its own production sites in Upper Franconia and Bavaria, and serves American and Asian customers through sales offices in the United States and Hong Kong. In the field of minimally invasive surgery, the prevailing trend is towards ever more minimal and gentler techniques. This means required access points into the body for surgical procedures are constantly minimized and reduced. With the AirSeal ® technology co-developed by WOM, MIS has been revolutionized. The AirSeal ® produces a CO 2 airlock in the trocar, providing unhindered access to all instruments. The circulating gas generates a gas barrier that makes it possible to leave the trocar completely open without causing loss of pressure in the abdomen. The pneumoperitoneum remains stable in all critical surgical situations, which brings great benefit, especially when using robotic MIS. Another big advantage is created through the integrated, automatic smoke evacuation. © Immanuel Klinik Rüdersdorf / Edgar Zippel “With its network of high level medicine and numerous medical technology companies, the German capital region is a location where key innovations come together in the clinic for the benefit of patients. One area where this is taking place is the robotassisted surgery, which allows physicians to overcome many of the technical limitations of the past. It allows us to perform even complex tumor surgery in a minimally invasive manner.” Dr. Colin M. Krüger Chief physician in the surgical department at Immanuel Klinik Rüdersdorf

Life Sciences Report – Minimally Invasive Medicine 31 © Immanuel Diakonie GmbH / Edgar Zippel Dr. Krüger (left) and his team perform a robotic-assisted minimally-invasive surgery. The surgeon’s hand, wrist and finger movements made at the console are translated into precise, real-time movements of surgical instruments attached the four robotic arms. The camera on one of the robotic arms sends a high-definition, 3D image of the surgery area in the stomach to the console screen. WOM isn’t the only company that appreciates the Berlin environment for its influence in developments in the MIM area. Limmer Laser has developed a special diode laser based on the compact table device DIOLAS Photon which allows the precise removal of tumor tissue within the kidney, ureter, and bladder. Surgeons can use a specially shaped light guide to treat targeted tangential tissue while preserving surrounding sensitive structures. This method has been developed in collaboration with the University Hospital of Magdeburg and the Charité Berlin. It allows surgeons to preserve the patient’s kidney, in contrast to previous therapies which often ended in removal of the organ and forced the patient into regular dialysis. The ongoing development of technologies such as minimally invasive open surgery is a central focus of Limmer Laser’s business activities. Berlin company XION is working on innovative system solutions for minimally invasive medicine. Since 1991, © W.O.M. “WOM stands for great networking between science, hospital and the innovative start-up scene in Berlin-Brandenburg and beyond. WOM Innovation Management is screening both the ongoing start-up scene and young companies for potential beneficial cooperation and bringing nascent projects into the operation theatre from hospitals and universities, as in the project ‘Advanced Fluid Control in Minimal Invasive Surgery‘. Herewith different data sources will be evaluated to optimize patient safety, treatment result and entire profitability, summarized in value-driven healthcare.” Dr. Clemens Scholz CEO, W.O.M. WORLD OF MEDICINE GmbH (WOM)

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