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Life Sciences Report 2017 / 2018

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16 Life Sciences Report – The Place to be for Start-ups Grants4Apps (G4A) is a web-based crowdsourcing initiative. It provides financial support to start-ups for their software, hardware and technology projects which contribute to improve health outcomes or pharmaceutical processes. G4A consists of several different programs such as the G4A Accelerator, the G4A Dealmaker and globally spread co-working spaces. The G4A Accelerator offers dedicated office space for up to 5 digital health start-ups with concepts for innovative technology solutions to healthcare problems at the headquarters of the company’s pharmaceutical division in Berlin, and supports them in further advancing their products and business models. The Dealmaker is about facilitating partnerships and collaborations between Bayer AG and smaller innovative entities. With it, Bayer wants to give start-ups the opportunity to boost their businesses by acquiring Bayer AG as a customer in the fields they need. In 2017, Bayer received more than 1,000 start-up applications in total. In addition to all of these good conditions, the region has also developed a lively investor scene over the past few years, which is especially beneficial to start-ups in their early phases. Furthermore, the location is becoming more and more attractive to international investors, who have discovered the start-up metropolis as a valuable location for investment. Berlin has been the number one in Germany, and one of the top 3 European cities in terms of rounds of funding and funding volume for many years and across industries. The two regional banks of Berlin (IBB) and Brandenburg (ILB), with their funding programs and their holding companies IBB Beteiligungsgesellschaft and ILB Beteiligungsgesellschaft, play an important role in financing by providing start-ups the grant money or share capital they need and supplementing these funds with commitments from private investors or even providing initial access to such investors. All of these services are framed by a unique international atmosphere and a high quality of life. The combination of entrepreneurial spirit and established industry, as well as networking between science and industry, provides an extraordinary infrastructure. This makes the Berlin-Brandenburg region an engine for investment in biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. Several regional start-ups have gained a lot of attention over the past few months: Myelo Therapeutics is developing a new therapy for treating Chemotherapy-induced Neutropenia (CIN). In preclinical and initial clinical studies, Myelo001 showed to be well tolerated and effective in patients across various cancer types and chemotherapy regimens. Myelo001 is currently being investigated in a randomized, double-blind, placebocontrolled, parallel-design, multicenter study in Germany to determine its efficacy and safety in reducing CIN in patients receiving adjuvant or neoadjuvant chemotherapy to treat breast cancer. The study is expected to be completed by the end of 2017. PerformaNat develops animal-feed additives that optimize nutrient intake from animal feed. PerformaNat´s goal is to improve the utilization of animal-feed protein, prevent various illnesses through improved nutrition, and curb emissions of gases that are harmful to the environment. In particular, it has focused on using plant-based agents that support natural metabolic process and strengthen animals’ immune systems. PerformaNat GmbH concluded a sevenfigure financing round which included High-Tech Gründerfonds, Bamac GmbH, and business angel Markus Plümer. “Berlin is the perfect spot to found a biotech company. The city offers a vibrant ecosystem with clinics, scientific institutions, pharmaceutical, and healthcare companies creating a highly innovative and collaborative cluster for young biotech start-ups. We believe this is an essential environment to grow our company.” © Juliane Floeting Lutz Kloke CEO & Founder, Cellbricks

Life Sciences Report – The Place to be for Start-ups 17 Cellbricks was founded in 2016 as a spin-off of the Technical University’s medical biotechnology department. The company is specialized in bioprinting services, creating tailor-made products to individual customer specifications such as mini-organs for drug testing or tissues for regenerative medicine cultures, as well as off the shelf products. With its extensive experience, Cellbricks empowers researchers to investigate functional human tissues for fundamental biological research or advanced regenerative therapies. © Bayer - Peter Himsel Another interesting start-up is cpo – cellular phenomics & oncology, which has seen outstanding development over the past few months and established itself more firmly as an innovative partner for pharmaceutical developments. cpo is a state-of-the-art in vitro service provider focused on offering high-quality, reasonably priced cell culture models complementing classical in vivo assays using patient-derived 3D cell cultures. They are committed to helping oncologists and their patients make informed choices to improve quality of lives. cpo’s goal is to become a recognized brand name in the field of preclinical testing, capitalizing on sustained interest in alternatives to animal testing. IGES AZ_DIN A5 quer + 3mm Your One-Step Partner in Life Science From Data to Innovation Your contact: Dr. Tilo Mandry T +49 30 230 809 29 E Friedrichstraße 180 10117 Berlin

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