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Intelligent Transport Systems in the Capital Region Berlin-Brandenburg

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Hella Aglaia Mobile

Hella Aglaia Mobile Vision’s traffic sign detection system Berlin is a pioneer in multi-modal public transport Car IT Asaphus Vision ATS Advanced Telematic Systems Carmeq Carneios Enway Embeddeers First Sensor German Autolabs Hella Aglaia High Mobility IAV Lesswire OpenSynergy OSRAM T-Systems Navigation | Maps Door2Door HERE Technologies Komoot ParkU PlugSurfing Telenav TomTom VIOM Control and information technology ASCI Systemhaus BLIC GSP Sprachtechnologie Interautomation IVU Traffic Technologies Moveo Software PSI Transcom Siemens Stadtraum VA Berlin VMZ Berlin Vehicle telematics Berlin-Brandenburg is not a classical automotive location. But it is a location that can make a major contribution to the future of the automotive industry. Here, there are innovative companies that take on a variety of telematics tasks for the sector’s corporations. Whether it is driver assistance systems or car2x technologies, companies such as Carmeq, Hella Aglaia, IAV and T-Systems are developing automotive software and hardware in the region. Precise navigation based on highly accurate maps and the latest traffic information is becoming more and more important. In the near future, it will make automated driving possible. Global players in the navigation sector such as HERE and TomTom Traffic already offer a dedicated product portfolio. In the capital region, they are working to advance their technology on an ongoing basis. In the areas of fleet management and logistics, companies such as Bosch Software Innovations, Kienzle Argo, TACHOfresh and PSI Logistics are active. They not only supply car fleets with innovative, telematics-based solutions, but serve the freight transport sector as »Telematics services safeguard mobility in the cities of tomorrow. With its innovation-friendly residents, creative companies and proactive policies, the capital region is an inspiring environment for future-oriented projects at the interface of science and business.« Prof. Dr.-Ing. Michael Ortgiese Professorship for Transportation University of Applied Sciences Potsdam »Berlin provides IVU with outstanding conditions. The economic environment, the universities, the public transport companies and the diverse transport activity in the city are the basis for the innovation and inspiration we need for our highvalue products.« Martin Müller-Elschner CEO | IVU Traffic Technologies AG well. The German toll collection system is one of the country’s largest telematics systems. Toll Collect, its operator, is headquartered in Berlin. Control and information technology for transport companies In public transport systems, modern control and information technology is essential for managing buses, trams, subways, commuter trains and other trains. This technology safeguards and increases the systems’ attractiveness, reliability and economic efficiency. Internationally successful companies such as GSP Berlin, IVU Traffic Technologies, PSI Transcom, synfioo and VA Berlin develop integrated system solutions that transport companies use to manage a number of tasks. The spectrum ranges from planning and scheduling drivers and vehicles, managing depots and using operating control systems based on real-time data to subscriptions and eTicket management and dynamic passenger information. This wealth of diversity underlines the capital region’s role as an outstanding location for transport technology.

Important intelligent transport systems (ITS) location with 90 companies and 24 scientific institutions Location with internationally active corporations and successful medium-sized companies Innovative, dynamic startup scene in the area of mobile applications Proving ground for the latest transport technologies with outstanding international visibility State-of-the-art traffic information and traffic management facilities Excellent research and education landscape due to the large number of scientific institutions With Free2Move you can find, compare and book vehicles of all car sharing providers Proving ground for smart mobility The capital region is a designated proving ground for multi-modal intelligent mobility. It is able to look back at many years of pioneering demonstration projects. Innovative publicprivate partnership models such as Verkehrsinformationszentrale Berlin or autonomous shuttle buses spearheading this movement. Open data is a focus: it encourages the implementation of new ideas and products and provides stimulus to the dynamic startup scene. The region’s transport association and transport companies are open to new ideas and partner ships. Companies appreciate the region’s residents for their open mindedness when it comes to new forms of mobility, which is why they like to test their products in Berlin. Free-floating car sharing such as Car2Go, DriveNow and Multicity, in addition to various projects for automated driving (e.g. DIGINET-PS) are also part of the picture. Without telematics, they would not be possible. And because Berlin- Brandenburg is Germany’s capital region, these projects have high international visibility. »Traffic product development and state-of-the-art navigation – no wonder TomTom established a research and development center in Berlin. Based on the know-how in the capital, we can offer high quality products for traffic information and navigation to customers around the world.« Ralf-Peter Schäfer VP Traffic and Travel Information Product Unit TomTom Berlin »The fact that intelligent transport systems are particularly important for the capital region becomes especially apparent in the education of young engineers. With the only telematics degree program in Germany, Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau is definitely a pioneer« Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ralf Vandenhouten Vice President Research and Enterprise Relations Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau Science and education Berlin-Brandenburg is also home to a lively science scene. At many of the region’s universities, in particular Freie Universität Berlin, Technische Universität Berlin, Potsdam University of Applied Sciences and Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin, researchers are examining a variety of fields, from automated driving to complex simulation environments and innovative methods of data analysis to research on new mobility concepts. Their work is often part of larger, international projects. As early as 2011, a driverless car developed at Freie Universität Berlin drove through the city under everyday traffic conditions. In the non-university area, the DLR’s Institute of Transport Research and Institute of Transportation Systems and Fraunhofer FOKUS have special positions. At Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau, young engineers are being prepared for their careers in a special, telematics-oriented course of study. Fleet management | Toll Bosch Software Innovations Dacher Systems ENAiKOON Fleetboard Innovation Hub Kienzle Argo PSI Logistics Sennder Synfioo TACHOfresh TSI Telematic Services T-Systems Toll Collect Vimcar Research | Education BHT Berlin BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences DAI-Labor DFKI German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence DLR German Aerospace Center EIT ICT Labs Fraunhofer FOKUS Fraunhofer IPK Fraunhofer IZM FU Berlin HTW Berlin HU Berlin InnoZ TU Berlin Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau University of Applied Sciences Potsdam Zuse Institute Berlin Associations I Networks BITKOM ITS Berlin-Brandenburg Telematics Pro

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