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Industry 4.0

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FLORIAN BONANATI MANAGING DIRECTOR COMMERCIALS & FINANCE R3 – RELIABLE REALTIME RADIO COMMUNICATIONS GMBH “R3 helps industrial companies to make production systems more flexible in the context of the increasing individualization of products. We let machines “off the leash”, so to say, and use our hardware and software to ensure fail-safe, high-performance and real-time plug-and-play radio communication. With Berlin as a magnet for specialists, we have already been able to attract great international minds from seven different nations.”

BERLIN IS A LABORATORY FOR THE INDUSTRY OF THE FUTURE. The vibrant high-tech startup scene and the excellent research landscape offer companies ideal conditions to advance the digitization of their production and control processes effectively. Science, startups, innovative SMEs and international corporations use Berlin as an experimental field to work together on future-oriented digital solutions and to optimize their productivity. Berlin offers a unique ecosystem with a large number of players in the fields of IT, sensor technology, analytics, automation, robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and VR/AR. MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY IN BERLIN 768 companies (with 20+ employees) 111,700 employees more than 26 bn. € annual turnover

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