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Games Industry in the Capital Region

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In the capital region, start-ups work alongside well-established game developers and publishers. Berlin is home to offices of world-renowned companies from the gaming industry and political institutions, federal associations and networks have their headquarters in the German capital. International industry conferences and events attract professionals in the creative fields, investors and specialists from around the globe. On top of that, Berlin offers a pool of young regionally-trained talent. Around 270 companies in the gaming industry including international headquarters 3000+ employees 250+ million Euro turnover 3.5 million funding budget of the Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg Several funding possibilities through local and national funding programmes 20+ educational facilities and institutes with gaming related subjects Political institutions, federal associations and several networks Home of international industry conferences and events “Berlin is a very creative city, where every company finds its place, from local start-ups to big international players. With its pulsing energy, it is very attractive for young talents from all over the world and the gaming industry in Berlin benefits from the strong and diverse developer scene.” Stephan Schwarz Senator for Economics, Energy and Public Enterprises DEVELOPERS UBISOFT Berlin / King / Epic Games / Riot Games / Wooga / Yager / Kolibri Games / Voodoo

INDUSTRY Berlin has the highest number of gaming companies in Germany. These develop, publish, distribute, market and advertise video games. On top of that, they contribute to the successful production of console, online and mobile games, as well as cross-platform content and branded entertainment. “We have grown to a studio of roughly 150 people in less than three years. And for the future there is a lot of potential to grow further in Berlin. The most important thing is that we see the games ecosystem continue to thrive.” Benedikt Grindel Managing Director of the German Ubisoft studios More and more international companies such as Ubisoft, King, Epic Games, Jam City and are establishing offices here. Freaks4U, Riot Games or G2 esports make Berlin one of Europe‘s top esports locations. Companies such as Wooga, Bigpoint, Yager, Deca Games, Kolibri Games and King contribute to the international success of online, social network, mobile and browser games. Many networks like medianet berlinbrandenburg e.V. and federal associations have their headquarters in Berlin. Just outside of Berlin you can find Babelsberg, one of Europe‘s leading film industry sites, including the Volucap, the first volumetric video studio on the European continent and the state-of-the-art studio for all moving image media. SOFTGAMES Mobile Entertainment / Game Duell / Wargaming / DECA Games / Bigpoint / Jam City

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