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Page 08 Page 09 UMASAN The concept by sisters Anja and Sandra Umann is based on vegan fashion inspired by the laws of yoga. Their collections cast away all animal-based materials, including leather, wool and cashmere. Like many other Berlin-based designers, the Umann sisters not only took a leap by starting their own label, but also opened a small flagship store in the architecturally striking L40 building in Mitte. An overview of Berlin’s fashion diversity The tip of the iceberg Diversity is the most defining characteristic of Berlin's fashion scene. The broad spectrum ranges from traditionalists, who are committed to the art of tailoring, to designers devoted to the production of sustainable, wearable or out-of-the ordinary pieces. Thanks to the city’s increased popularity in recent years, many designers from other countries continue to relocate to the German capital to benefit from its creative flair. Here are some examples of the best, brightest and most diverse talent on the local scene. PERRET SCHAAD Hailed as one of the most promising young Germany labels, and celebrated by the press as “Jil Sander’s daughters”: Johanna Perret and Tutia Schaad. Indeed, their restrained style follows in the footsteps of Germany’s Grand Dame of minimalist fashion from the 1980s. Perret Schaad combines meticulous pattern construction with draping, which results in a style defined by both austere and casual. The two met at the Weißensee Academy of Art Berlin and and since launching their label in 2009, they have established an international reputation within a remarkably short time. VLADIMIR KARALEEV The label in Vladimir Karaleev’s clothes and a warning on the website alert potential customers that the frayed edges and worn look are not an accident, but an integral part of the aesthetic. What was once made popular by the Antwerp Six or Commes des Garçons – deconstruction as design feature – is also at the heart of Karaleev’s label. He concentrates on basic colors; shape and silhouette are distinctive features in his work. The Bulgarian-born and raised designer arrived in Berlin at age 19 to study at the HTW Berlin University of Applied Sciences. Karaleev entered into the fashion scene in 2006 and celebrated his initial success during the Mercedes- Benz Fashion Week Berlin, with lowbudget fashion shows accompanied by violin music in gallery spaces as well as with catwalk shows in the official tent. IRIE DAILY MICHAEL SONTAG This designer owes his first international recognition to the famous fashion critic Suzy Menkes, who praised Michael Sontag’s catwalk presentation at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin in 2009. The young designer further cemented his reputation as one of Berlin's most promising artists by participating in various fashion awards and by bringing his fashion to artoriented exhibitions. Draping on the model is his preferred design approach, and his creations are often distinguished by a flowing silhouette that highlights the female shape. He refines his work through unusual cuts, asymmetrical lines and oversized proportions. Irie Daily is a true pioneer. In 1994 four Kreuzberg-based friends joined forces to immortalize their passion for street wear, music culture and the city’s then-rough energy on printed T-Shirts and sweatshirts. Almost two decades later, the label has become an internationally successful brand. GUIDO MARIA KRETSCHMER This designer, born in Münster, Germany, forged his own path in the fashion business. He entered the fashion world at the hippie market on the Spanish island Ibiza, then studied fashion in Barcelona and embarked on a career in corporate fashion design. While he stayed in the background, his creations made their way around the globe in the shape of uniforms for Deutsche Telekom, the Hapag Lloyd airline and Kempinski Hotels. In 2004 he started his own fashion label, consisting of exclusive day and evening wear. He first presented at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin in 2009 and is also known for his work in costume and film design. Leyla Piedayesh Designer – LaLa BerlinBerlin changes with every minute, absorbes everything and is propelled by its residents and their individuality. You can find innovation on every corner. This is very inspiring and leaves space for personal creative fulfillment. Berlin is open to everything new, which is why young designers set up camp here, but the success of LaLa Berlin illustrates that this isn’t only a city for niche products.”

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