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Fashion Capital Berlin

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Page 04 Page 05 Welcome to the fashion capital That certain something Berlin is the place to be for fashion labels. The German capital has been known as a creative hub ever since the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, but since the year 2000, it has also gained a reputation as a leader in fashion. Berlin is a city in which designers can make international names for themselves, and from which artistic and commercially successful labels can conquer the fashion world. This trend has exceeded the expectations of both fashion experts and local designers. More and more German and international labels are moving to Berlin. Twice a year, during the rapidly expanding Berlin Fashion Week, they have the opportunity to present their work and network with the global fashion scene, its buyers and the media. Concurrently, an entire sector of the fashion industry is being formed, offering its services and materials, as well as its support, to Berlin’s increasingly professional labels and their international clientele. The city’s fashion scene is booming, marking Berlin’s ascent from a dynamic metropolis to a global fashion hot spot. A number of contributing factors safeguard its sustained development: Berlin, a place for investment Berlin is increasingly referred to as the new Silicon Valley. The German capital’s creative edge is thriving, with investors from all over the world eager to uncover its ideas, networks and creative minds. Berlin's government actively promotes this development. Each year, approximately 75 million euros in subsidies are invested in enterprises and projects in sectors such as information and communication technology, media and the creative industries. Bikini Berlin BERLIN HAS SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE After the rapid development over the past decade in Berlin’s fashion scene, the city has become home to more than sartorial 'diamonds in the rough’ – it also boasts internationally successful labels which offer fashion to suit every style. Avantgarde upstarts are complemented by innovative online and e-commerce fashion businesses. The diversity of the scene creates constant innovation and a treasure of networked know-how. Berlin trainS the next generation The city’s ten fashion schools have committed themselves to the task of training young talented students to become outstanding fashion designers. From Berlin, many young designers pour out into the world, while others stay to display their talent at local labels or the international fashion enterprises that are increasingly relocating to the city. Bread & Butter | The Rock Highlights | F. Taffelt BERLIN IS INTERNATIONAL Visitors from foreign countries account for almost half of the total number of guests to the city, approximately 40 %. Some stay for a few nights or weeks, others for months or even years. Around 15 % of the city’s population – some 500,000 people – come from 195 other nations. The city’s standard of living, coupled with appealing cultural and leisure activities, stimulates interaction between residents and visitors and creates the opportunity for many of the city’s fans to realize their creative ideas in Berlin. This makes Berlin an incubator for ideas. The city’s fashion scene is booming, marking Berlin’s ascent from a dynamic metropolis to a global fashion hot spot. BERLIN DRAWS A CROWD Berlin has become the third most popular tourist city in Europe. In 1993 three million visitors came to the capital, which was just recovering from the effects of the fall of the wall in 1989. In 2011 the number of Berlin-visitors more than tripled at nearly 10 million. The ten million mark was topped before the end of 2012, and even more tourists are expected in the future. MD.H | Catwalk 2011 BERLIN IS LIVABLE The city's cultural offerings are above and beyond those of any other German city. More than 170 museums, around 400 art galleries, dozens of theaters and hundreds of cultural events each year ensure that Berlin’s creative minds are supplied with fresh inspiration around the clock. Similarly, parks and recreational areas beckon residents to relax and experience Berlin: 15 % of the city’s area is green. Additionally, the city’s living space is more affordable than in any other western European capital. BERLIN IS CREATIVE According to official statistics, 33,000 artists call Berlin home. Every tenth working Berliner makes a living in the creative industries. Thomas bentz Co-Director/Fashion Designer Achtland “Berlin is big but still gives us the opportunity to breathe freely; having a studio of your own is possible and much earlier than it is in cities like London or New York! We've also seen that the diversity of Berlin’s creative impulses generates a lot of curiosity internationally pertaining to anything about 'Berlin.' People abroad are increasingly interested in anything that comes from Berlin, while the Berliners themselves are curious about everything new.”

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