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Page 26 Page 27 Funding and support for designers A boost for creativity A wide variety of funding and supportive programs are available to Berlin-based fashion labels and companies. Since 2002 the Project Future state-sponsored initiative – from the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research – has been especially active. The initiative promotes participation at fashion shows and trade events, supports international presentations for Berlin fashion labels, organizes roundtables and also the annual “Start your Fashion Business” award. It additionally allocates fashion show slots and presentations as part of the Berlin Fashion Week. In collaboration with the Investitionsbank Berlin and other service providers, the state of Berlin has conceptualized and implemented a range of programs for the design and fashion sectors. Each season, Project Future makes at least four slots for fashion shows available to Berlin-based fashion labels as part of the Berlin Fashion Week. With awards totalling 100,000 euros, the "Start your Fashion Business" competition is one of the most visible and prestigious initiatives in fashion. Roundtables on fashion or fashion-related branches grant fashion-experts the platform to share their concerns, wishes and needs. The themes and priorities form the foundation for change and progress in the fashion industry. Berlin fashion labels present their collections as part of international group presentations, including twice in 2013 as part of the Paris Fashion Week. Contacts Berlin Partner GmbH Berlin Partner is Berlin’s official corporation for economic development and location marketing. As the main contact for companies, it offers customized, individualized services ranging from finding a location, to funding and financing, to contact with authorities and obtaining permits, to recruiting skilled personnel, to internationalization and trade show participation. Berlin Partner provides information about areas of growth and industries with potential for the future. It promotes Berlin as an attractive economic and scientific center, creative capital, cultural and sports metropolis and a livable city. Contact Nadine Jüdes Project Manager ICT, Media and Creative Industries Business Promotion II Berlin Partner GmbH Tel +49 30 39980-126 Fax +49 30 39980-239 The Project Future state initiative Project Future works as a liaison between business, science and politics to improve the framework for the growing ICT, media and creative industries sector, which includes fashion. It supports the growth of Berlin-based companies from these fields. Project Future develops strategies for Berlin as a location of business, creates platforms, initiates networks, organizes interaction with businesses, develops new funding instruments and co-finances infrastructural projects. This includes opportunities to show fashion labels nationally and internationally, start-up support as part of the “Start your Fashion Business” award and also jointly promoting the many instruments with the sector. Contact Tanja Mühlhans Coordinator Creative Industries Film, Media, Design, Fashion Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research Tel +49 30 9013-8335 Fax +49 30 9013-7478 The newly established support program for individual trade shows will soon be open to Berlin fashion labels. This means any fashion label participating in a fashion show or trade show in a B2B context can apply for a subsidy of up to 15,000 euros. Half the total costs must stem from the labels themselves. The Design Transfer Bonus Program supports the collaboration of designers with technologically minded companies to create innovative products with up to 15,000 euros per project. Many other state-sponsored initiatives, which are organized through the Investitionsbank Berlin or the associated Beteiligungsgesellschaft, may be of interest to fashion-related businesses. For start-ups: – Micro-loans of up to 25,000 euros without red tape – Coaching services from the Kreativ Coaching Center have been conceptualized to support growth-oriented start-ups, including those from fashion, in founding their companies and expanding. For growing companies or those looking for start-up or seed financing: The Berlin Kredit Innovativ program makes loans of up to 500,000 euros available to Berlinbased companies from cutting-edge fields (including fashion) for innovative projects or activities which promote internationalization. The VC Fonds Kreativwirtschaft Berlin supports the equity base for small and medium-sized enterprises in the growing sectors within Berlin’s creative industries. This support is realized by providing equity capital ranging from 300,000 to 3,000,000 euros. Thus far, it has been offered to a handful of fashion-oriented enterprises from Berlin. Editors Viviane Stappmanns Nina Trippel Alphabet Press Berlin Design connex werbeagentur Production Mundschenk Druck + Medien Publisher Berlin Partner GmbH Ludwig Erhard Haus | Fasanenstrasse 85 | 10623 Berlin Tel +49 30 39980-0 | Fax -239 | | Commissioned by the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Technology and Research Third edition, March 2013 Photo credits Cover © Berlin Partner GmbH/Richtersmeier | Page 2: Siegessäule © | Page 3: dress form © Veer/marish; skylines © 123RF/scusi; Koffer © Veer/soleilc; Schere © Veer/Francesco Abrignani | Page 4: Wie Berlin bist du? © the dread; Goldelse ©; BIKINI BERLIN © Bayerische Hausbau; Bread & Butter – The Rock Highlights © (Franziska Taffelt) | Page 5: MD.H Catwalk © MD.H; Achtland © Sabrina Theissen; Thomas Bentz © Sabrina Theissen | Page 6: Joseph Voelk © The Corner Berlin GmbH | Page 7: Karl-Heinz Müller © BREAD & BUTTER BERLIN | Page: 8 UMASAN ss 2013 © UMASAN; PERRET SCHAAD Spring/Summer 2013 © Corina Lecca; Guido Maria Kretschmer © Guido Maria Kretschmer | Page: 9 Vladimir Karaleev S/S 2013 © Jonas Lindström; Michael Sontag S/S 2013© Christian Schwarzenberg; Irie Daily © David Biene; Leyla Piedayesh © Sandra Semburg Page 10: Frank Leder © Gregor Hohenberg; Augustin Teboul © Stefan Milev; Augustin Teboul Portrait © Ilija Stahl | Page 11: Blaenk © Nils Herrmann; Issever Bahri © Cathleen Wolf; Blame © Blame | Page 12: Thone Negrón © Thone Negrón; Sissi Goetze © Sabrina Theissen; Hien Le © Amos Fricke; Kilian Kerner © Katja Kuhl | Page 13: MalaikaRaiss © Kai Jakob; Dietrich Emter © Frauke Fischer, Dietrich Emter; Martin Niklas Wieser © Jonas Lindström; Mads Dinesen © Mali Lazell; Malaika Raiss Portrait © Christoph Neumann | Page 14: Fiona Bennett © Fiona Bennett und Fiona Bennett & Hans-Joachim Böhme GbR ; Rike Feurstein © Wiebke Bosse, Rike Feurstein | Page 15: Garn © Veer/ArtemGorohov; schmidttakahashi © Dimitri Kireev | Page 16: Bread & Butter © (Anna KO, Julia Herzsprung, Peter Stigter, Dennis Branko); Premium © Laura Deschner; Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week © Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week | Page 17: Show & Order © Denise van Deese; The Gallery © THE GALLERY BERLIN; Panorama © Sonnenstaub; Capsule © Capsule | Page 18: Modomoto © Ramon Haindl; DaWanda © Zubinski via; Zalando © Zalando_Jette Stolte | Page 19: Common Works © Dorothea Tuch; yarn © Veer/vadims sendze; sewing machine © Veer/Oleksandr Shevchenko; buttons © Veer/PicsFive; Portrait Angela Spieth, Michael Oehler © Jürgen Holzenleuchter, Ottensoos | Page 21: FashionDaily.TV © FashionDaily.TV | Page 22: MD.H © Ha Phan Bich | Page 23: SYFB 2012 © www.8Millimedia.com_AlexanderPalacios; Textil + Mode © Gesamtverband der deutschen Textil- und Modeindustrie e.V.; DfT © Peek & Cloppenburg Düsseldorf; Blaenk Portrait © Thuy-Nghan | Page 24: Berlin © Veer/Ocean Photography | Page 25: BIKINI BERLIN © Bayerische Hausbau | Page 26: paper plane ©

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