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Page 20 Page 21 Fashion and communication Spreading the word The number of new fashion labels in Berlin is growing at a dizzying rate, surpassing that of every other German city, and the service industries connected with the fashion sector are growing accordingly. Since the turn of the millennium, a variety of public relations and marketing agencies tailored to the needs of fashion enterprises have set up shop in Berlin. Left to right: Sandra Birk, Constanze Zaddach, Josephine Schöttler, Anne Burggraf | Salon PR Chris Häberlein, executive director of PR agency Häberlein & Maurer, was one of the first to discover Berlin’s fashion potential. She opened a branch of her Munich-based agency in the heart of Berlin in 2000. Although the agency's head office remains in the Bavarian capital, ten of the 22 labels it represents are managed from the Berlin office. “As a (fashion) brand, generally speaking, it is important to be present and visible in Berlin,” Chris explained as her clients’ reason for choosing Berlin. Kati Grotemeyer, owner of the young agency Seasons, phrased it similarly: "For many labels, to book an agency based in Berlin means to keep on top of new trends, to be flexible and to be in the midst of things.” Sandra Birk, CEO of the agency Salon PR, looks after 12 clients focusing on lifestyle and fashion, five of whom are based in Berlin: “Fashion in Berlin has its very own style and delivers a contemporary ‘Zeitgeist’ with new, bright ideas. I associate Berlin with bravery, the avant-garde, sustainability, individuality, diversity and boldness.” Silk Relations was founded in 2005, the same year as Salon PR. The agency services a portfolio of international clients – among them Nike and Beck’s – as well as Berlin labels like Malaika Raiss, Augustin Teboul and also Kilian Kerner, who has become a fixture in the Berlin fashion landscape. Arne Eberle shows that it is possible to forge your own path without representing big-name international brands. He founded his agency in 2009 and focuses exclusively on fashion from Berlin. Eight of Eberle's nine labels work in Berlin, because "the city is developing beautifully, splendidly, and an interest in local design is growing overall in Germany, which is very encouraging.” Silk Relations - German press day Print, blogs, etc. The style report Unusual (and sometimes very successful) publications originate when creative fashion types meet talented media entrepreneurs - this is exactly what has happened in Berlin. Many independent fashion magazines and blogs explore, critique and celebrate the work of local fashion labels. They have their fingers on the pulse of the international fashion scene. Les Mads is the biggest success story among Germany’s fashion blogs. When its two founders first started publishing their thoughts on fashion in 2007, they had no experience in the field – or in journalism. But page views rose sharply after only a few months, and the blog's popularity caught the eye of one of Germany’s largest publishing houses and media companies, Hubert Burda Verlag, which eventually took over the platform. Today, Les Mads has grown into an international blogging network complete with its own store. Berlin Fashion Daily TV started alongside Berlin’s first Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in 2007. Since then, the online TV channel has devoted itself to reporting daily fashion news and has grown into an international network. Berlin Fashion Daily TV Jessica Weiss proved her talent for online journalism with her first fashion endeavor, Les Mads. After having left the blog to be part of the team at Interview magazine, she returned to her favorite terrain. In late 2012, she started Journelles – Your daily dose of Fashion & Beauty. When it comes to blogging, Mary Scherpe has always been ahead of the pack. When she started her website StilinBerlin as a street-style blog in 2006, she was the sole Berlin fashion blogger on the topic. Today, she has over 35,000 followers on Facebook alone. The blog has spawned collaborations including a temporary shop and a custom-designed lipstick by Berlin cosmetics label Uslu Airlines. Links BLOGS Agency V One of the fastest growing agencies, Agency V was founded in 2006 and is headed by Rike Döpp and Julia Menthel. Besides its headquarters in Berlin, the agency operates branches in New York and Copenhagen. BOLD Communication & Marketing This agency has gathered decades of experience in cultural and business communications; its success is founded on a colorful and tightly knit network of players in Berlin's cultural and art scenes. Müller PR & Consulting Florian Müller learned the ropes of fashion public relations in Paris. He brought the professionalism he experienced in the French PR scene back to Berlin, where he has been on a mission to help a select group of Berlin labels gain a wider audience since 2010. Links Absolution PR Berlinpieces Blackbird/Berlin Bureau N CLY Communication Claudia Wünsch Communication Deluxe Distribution Donkey Public Relations Fake PR KMB Agentur für Markenkommunkiation Prag PR Press Factory Schrenk + Schrenk Kommunikation Schröder & Schömbs PR Achtung – Zeitschrift für Mode Founded in 2003, this Mitte-based magazine has devoted itself to reporting contemporary developments in fashion from Germanspeaking countries alongside style trends from around the world since 2003. The outcome is presented in elaborately produced photo essays and features. Links PRINT zitty Modebuch Berlin Every year, the city magazine zitty conducts a survey of the local fashion scene. The results are published in a lavashly designed German and English volume. It is a perfect resource for newcomers – to the city and/or fashion. Interview In 2011 Germany was graced with its own version of Interview, the legendary magazine founded by Andy Warhol in 1969. From its Berlin headquarters, Interview acts as a “crystal ball of pop culture,” with the goal of spotting new themes in art and culture. Its pages often highlight local talent.

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