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Page 12 Page 13 Thone Negrón MALAIKA RAISS Ettina Berrios-Negrón was trained at the Lette-Verein fashion school and, in 2003, started the fashion boutique Konk, one of the city’s best addresses for new local talent. In 2010 she started a new label, Thone Negrón, which produces eveningwear and couture for women with an emphasis on the feminine silhouette. In her work, the designer unites intelligent pattern making, classic colors and precious fabrics. Contrasting, yet harmonizing, color combinations are characteristics of the labels’ style. Ettina Berrios-Negrón's childhood in West Berlin serves as an ironic and nostalgic source of inspiration. The designer operates a salon in Mitte and produces in Germany and Europe. After training in Mannheim, Malaika Raiss became an assistant at a number of Berlin fashion labels. She represents the second generation of post-Berlin Wall designers - those who learned their craft within the city’s successful fashion brands. Having founded her label in 2010, the designer produces inventive knitwear creations in straightforward cuts that result in cool, sexy clothing for fashion-oriented women. DIETRICH EMTER A fresh face on the Berlin fashion circuit, Dietrich Emter started his label in 2012 with his spring/summer collection. His striking, feminine creations in unusual colors and material combinations are propelling him towards building a successful label. SISSI GOETZE This Berlin- and London-educated designer has a straightforward guiding principle: “The simplest solution is the best.” Her collections are produced under strict rules: each season, she finds a new direction for her designs and simultaneously connects them with previous work. In doing so, an entire collection can, for instance, be created under the self-imposed constraint to only use shirt fabric. Having specialized in menswear at London’s prestigious Central St Martins College, the HTW Berlin University of Applied Sciences graduate focuses on clothes for men. The label was established in 2011, and she won the “Start your Fashion Business” award the following year. KILIAN KERNER Designer HIEN LE Since graduating from the HTW Berlin University of Applied Sciences and starting his own label in 2011, this native Berliner has received a considerable amount of well-deserved attention. With his minimalist approach, Hien Le was selected as “Best Newcomer” by the trade journal Sportswear International and placed third in the “Start your Fashion Business” award. “Everything started here in Berlin: this is where I live and where Kilian Kerner happens. Berlin enriches my life; the local fashion scene is growing and has nothing to be ashamed of. What has happened in Berlin over the last few years is brilliant. The expectations of the shows – as well as the designers’ professionalism – continues to grow.” MARTIN NIKLAS WIESER This South Tyrol native started the journey towards his own label on the international stage, working for successful German designer Bernhard Willhelm in Paris, among others. In 2006 he found his base in Berlin and now combines distinctive materials with unusual patterns to create futuristic garments in an elegant, mostly monochromatic style. MADS DINESEN This Danish-born designer developed his signature style during his studies in fashion at Berlin’s University of the Arts under Valeska Thomsen-Schmidt and Stephan Schneider. His graduate presentation in 2011 – a range of intricate black and white designs – was especially eye-catching. Since then, Mads Dinesen has consistently forged his own path between fashion, photography and art in Berlin. Malaika Raiss Designer “I started my label here because Berlin is Germany’s center for creativity, a melting pot of art, fashion, music etc . You are given an incredible amount of input. Apart from that, I wanted to continue the legacy of all the Berlin designers I worked for – who turned Berlin into what it is today – and make my own contribution.”

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