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Digital Economy in Berlin

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Digital Economy Figures and Facts Revenues of Berlin’s Digital Economy in 2013: 11 billion euros This corresponds to 5.5 % of total revenues of Berlin’s economy Companies of the Digital Economy Berlin 2013: 7,300 People employed in the Digital Economy Berlin 2014: 80,000 Source: Berlin’s start-ups receive the most venture capital in Europe: In 2015, VC totaled 2.2 billion euros (compared to 2014 with a total of 882 million euros). Berlin continued to top London in the leading 10 European cities for venture capital investments. Source: EY Startup-Barometer 2015 Global winners: In the Growth Index of the Compass Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking 2015, Berlin was ranked the highest. Reason: the IPOs from Rocket Internet and Zalando along with a sharp increase in exits (Delivery Here, Wunderkid, etc.) Source: Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking 2015 Largest festival in Europe’s digital scene: in 2015, over 20,000 visitors from around the world visited 30 events at the Berlin Web Week. Political clout: 39 % of start-ups evaluated the support from local politics in Berlin as very positive. (In Silicon Valley, this figure is 23 %, 24 % is the European average). Source: Compass Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking 2015 FIGURES AND FACTS Digital location Berlin Berlin has the largest concentration of VC-backed companies in Germany and is in second place behind Munich as the location for VC companies and investment managers. Sources: Deutscher Hightech Atlas, study from the University of Munich, 2014 The IT departments in companies will increase by up to 30 % in the next 5 years. Source: BerlinValley, May 2015 issue Berlin is the most popular university town in Germany. 18,500 students are currently enrolled in IT and digital-related programs in the capital. Of these, 17 % are international students and 32 % women Source: Berlin Senate Department for Economy, Technology and Research Around 75 million euros of funding flows annually into companies and projects for information and communication technology as well as the media and creative sectors. Source: Berlin Senate Department for Economy, Technology and Research All figures are approximate numbers. Equal opportunities and multicultural: Berlin’s start-ups employ the most women throughout Europe: 27 % of employees are female here (Europe: 22 %, Silicon Valley 29 %). 49 % of start-up employees are not German citizens (Europe: 30 %, Silicon Valley 45 %). Source: Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking 2015 The majority of the start-ups with the highest turnover in Germany (annual revenue of over 10 million) are headquartered in Berlin. Source: Deutscher Startup Monitor 2014 4

Welcome Berlin, city of possibilities Welcome to the digital capital Start-up Mecca, Silicon Allee, Digital Hotspot – Berlin is one of the most important locations for the digital economy in Europe and globally. Berlin stands for creativity and innovation. Year after year, this is something that attracts young creative minds from all over the world who want to turn their business ideas into reality here. And the founding dynamics in Berlin continue to grow. Turnover and employment show above-average growth in the capital’s digital sector. Huge selection Unique ecosystem The digital economy is made up of companies in the information and communications sector (ICT), such as telecommunications companies, device manufacturers, IT Services, IT consulting services, developers as well as online businesses and start-ups. A large range of opportunities in digital business areas are present: open IT, business software and solutions, data management, digital security, e-Commerce, social media, gaming, digital marketing, smart city, geo-information, Internet of things and much more. Meanwhile, the industry can recount numerous success stories from IT and Internet start-ups that became established as a company and have attracted worldwide attention. Besides Zalando, some examples include the online food delivery service Delivery Hero, the online eyeglass distributors Mister Spex, the keyless entry system for front doors, the hearing aid platform audibene, and ZenGuard GmbH with security and privacy solutions for browsers and mobile devices. Berlin offers digital companies unique conditions that are not found anywhere else in the world: highly skilled professionals, opportunities for networking, synergies between the creative branch and research environment, relatively low cost structures and a high quality of life in an inspiring environment. Berlin is versatile, vibrant, international. English is spoken in companies, used for the global market and develops global thinking. That’s why many companies working in the online sector are here, and which are also developing financial clout. They digitally reinvent the world in Berlin. The digital scene is welcome in Berlin. The numerous start-up initiatives, campaigns, consultations, funding and financing offers from Berlin are proof. A commitment that strengthens the German capital in its role as a foundermagnet and digital location. “In my opinion, Berlin is a city of makers. Unlike in other German cities, ideas are easily turned into reality here, regardless of how much money you have. I think Berlin is exciting and innovative.” STEFANIE TRZECINSKI, CEO of KOPF, HAND + FUß 5

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