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Digital Economy in Berlin

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Table of Contents Editorial__________________________________________________ 03 Figures and Facts__________________________________________ 04 Welcome_________________________________________________ 05 Global Player______________________________________________ 06 Investors_________________________________________________ 08 Case Studies______________________________________________ 10 Digital Infrastructure______________________________________ 11 Education & Training______________________________________ 12 Research and Science______________________________________ 13 Coworking________________________________________________ 14 Hardware_________________________________________________ 16 Female Entrepreneurship____________________________________17 Entrepreneurs from Berlin__________________________________ 18 Networking_______________________________________________ 20 Gateway to the World______________________________________ 21 Survival Guide____________________________________________ 22 Service and Contact Partner________________________________ 23

Editorial “Berlin – at the helm of the digital economy.” Berlin is the best! The German capital is a digital hotspot both at home and abroad. This is mainly due to its active founding scene: With a self-employment rate of 14 percent and 40,000 new companies each year, Berlin is without a doubt the founder capital of Germany. And one of the key start-up cities in Europe. Roughly 7,300 companies generate revenue of around eleven billion euros annually with 80,000 employees. Berlin hustles harder. A new company is created every 20 hours. In addition to the wide range of software solutions offering new services, applications and e-commerce offers, the share of hardware in the digital economy is growing and gaining in importance. Berlin does 4.0. The future of intelligent urban planning lies in digitizing the economy. In Berlin, more than 300 research groups and companies are working on Internet of Everything solutions or in the field of industrial gaming, which is key to Industry 4.0. Berlin is international. Companies and investors from around the world choose Berlin as their location. Berlin is the European leader when it comes to VC investments. International experts, creators, talent and creatives benefit from the multicultural city. Conversely, innovative start-ups and products from Berlin are able to convince an international audience and exist on the global market. Berlin has vision. And provides the digital economy with new perspectives. New and innovative dynamics bring Old Economy and New Economy together so that innovation-oriented start-ups and established companies mutually benefit and can capture new markets together. Berlin makes it possible. Berlin is the ideal sparring partner for an industry that is always moving and constantly reinventing itself. Self-employment in motion offers an atmosphere that encourages innovation and creativity. With the best economic, social and infrastructural conditions. Berlin makes sense. As a location for the digital economy. We‘ve compiled this brochure so you can see for yourself. It gives you an overview of companies and initiatives, funding opportunities and events happening in the digital scene. Let yourself be inspired and persuaded by an innovative and vibrant city. See you in Berlin. Cornelia Yzer, Senator for Economics, Technology and Research 3

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