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Digital Economy in Berlin

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Digital Economy Berlin’s entrepreneurs on Berlin Point of View FinLeap Profile in Brief FinLeap is a company builder that is specialized in the financial services industry. The aim is to assist entrepreneurs in building up sustainable, customer-oriented and technologically powerful companies. The start-ups should have access to extensive expertise in the financial services sector from the very beginning. Founded: 2014, employees: 200 “The environment in Berlin provides us with the best conditions for establishing strong Fintech start-ups. Highly educated technology specialists, experienced entrepreneurs, financial experts along with a closely knit network of investors can all be found here. Founders in Germany can’t get around Berlin.” RAMIN NIROUMAND, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, FinLeap GmbH AtomLeap Profile in Brief AtomLeap is an accelerator specializing in digital hardware and high-tech start-ups. On the one hand, researchers and aspiring entrepreneurs are supported in building up their start-ups to create solutions for relevant challenges. On the other hand, AtomLeap advises established companies in finding solutions and supports the work with high-tech start-ups. Founded in mid-2015, AtomLeap has already grown to nine team members. “Berlin is the perfect location for AtomLeap to bring together start-ups and established companies. Why? New solutions are only created in open spaces, but also need resources in order to be truly put into practice. The city’s internationality and diversity is second to none both in Germany and Europe. We are working hard to ensure that Berlin creates an economic and sustainable position consisting of high-tech start-ups and innovative SMEs and corporations.” ROBIN TECH, Co-Founder and CEO of AtomLeap KIWI.KI Profile in Brief The KIWI.KI GmbH develops and operates KIWI, an intelligent door access system that can unlock front doors of apartment buildings without a key. For this, the user simply carries the authorized transponder (KIWI.KI) with them or uses the KIWI app to open the door for friends or themselves. Postal services, waste management companies and emergency services, as well as housing associations can save time and make their services more efficient with KIWI. Around 19,000 residential units are already connected to the KIWI infrastructure in Berlin. Founded: February 2012 “As a place to live, a tourist destination or as an economic center, Berlin’s leading innovative atmosphere, special creative environment and the comparatively affordable cost structures have an unbelievable appeal for young entrepreneurs, making it the top location for founders in Germany. The high concentration of universities and colleges encourages the research & development spirit and Berlin’s unique cultural scene attracts talent to the city from around the world. Berlin’s start-ups are even extremely well networked among themselves and can mutually benefit from each other’s work.” PETER DIETRICH, DR.-ING. CLAUDIA NAGEL, DR.-ING. CHRISTIAN BOGATU, Founder and CEO, KIWI.KI GmbH 18

Entrepreneurs Titel des from Kapitels Berlin OUTFITTERY Profile in Brief OUTFITTERY makes it easy for men to purchase fashion online. Customers answer questions about sizes and style at Then a stylist from OUTFITTERY puts together customized outfits that are conveniently sent to the customer’s home. The customer keeps what they like and sends back the rest. This innovative service is free. Founded: April 2012, employees: 300 “Berlin has the right mix of inspiration, creativity, adventure and networking. The city is an enormous playground. The dynamic start-up scene, just like the creative scene, attracts talent from around the world. This is fantastic for start-ups like ours that work for several countries simultaneously from Berlin and are constantly looking for new and amazing employees for their international team. The city is also very inexpensive, especially when compared to other start-up cities such as London. Prices for rent and eating out are totally fair here!” ANNA ALEX UND JULIA BÖSCH, Founder and CEO, OUTFITTERY GmbH Searchmetrics Profile in Brief Searchmetrics GmbH is the European market leader in the rapidly growing digital marketing sector and is quickly developing on the US market. The pioneer and leading provider of inbound marketing services for companies and online agencies has an innovative, interactive Enterprise SEO Platform at its disposal with the Searchmetrics Suite. It allows companies to increase their visibility and success in the digital world by means of intelligent online strategies. This software solution is unique worldwide and is being used by companies such as T-Mobile, eBay, Siemens and Symantec. Founded: April 2005 “There’s no other city that brings the innovative and pioneering spirit to life as much as here. Berlin no longer attracts only ‘new Berliners’ from Germany, but is becoming an international center – you can feel it everywhere these days. Creative ideas do not only remain an idea here, but are also implemented and – most importantly – driven forward. Oftentimes in the past, Berlin was overlooked as an economic location due to its reputation as a ‘party city’. But the truth is that the digital scene has grown up to provide optimal economic conditions for founding companies and helping them grow. That’s something more and more international investors recognize. Berlin hasn’t needed to try and keep up with London for a long time now. It’s holding its own among biggest tech centers of the world.” VOLKER SMID, CEO of Searchmetrics 19

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