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Cluster Report Transport, Mobility and Logistics in the Capital Region Berlin-Brandenburg

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48 | Cluster Report I Transport, Mobility and LogisticsLogistics Intermodal Terminal Frankfurt (Oder) | (Source: KuhnertMedien) Freight village Frankfurt (Oder) East-West logistics hub in the German-Polish economic area Services • Business location services – confidential & free of charge • We make individual investment location offers • We open doors to local and state authorities As part of the German Capital Region Berlin- Brandenburg, Frankfurt (Oder) is a dynamic city located in the immediate vicinity of the German- Polish border. The city – with its international atmosphere – offers an interesting economic and cultural life for its inhabitants and guests. Frankfurt (Oder) and its Polish neighbouring city Słubice form an international work and living place, providing ideal locations for meetings, economic exchanges, and communication. An outstanding infrastructure, the proximity to Berlin and the central position on the North Sea-Baltic Corridor are characterising Frankfurt (Oder)’s attractiveness as an ideal logistics location. The city offers numerous fully developed sites for investments and relocation just next to the motorway A12/30. Developed on the basis of a multi-location concept, the city connects the two transport modes, road and rail within the Freight Village (GVZ) Frankfurt (Oder). Via the intermodal terminal Frankfurt (Oder), companies can access an outstanding network of multimodal traffic connections between the Dutch and German overseas ports and the major Polish economic centres. In accordance with China‘s strategy for building a new Silk Road as a Eurasian land bridge, seaport hinterland locations with a state of the art infrastructure like Frankfurt (Oder) will move more and more into the spotlight of international rail operators, shippers, logisticians and railway undertakings. • We guide you through approval procedures • We offer state grants application services • We build bridges to cooperation partners • We act as single point of contact for investors • Contact Current and planned train connections at the intermodal terminal Frankfurt (Oder) These companies will obtain considerable support and preconditions for a variety of development fields for new traffic, usage of public railway infrastructure, value added services in intermodal transport as well as for the establishment of a consolidation point for overseas and continental transports. Furthermore, Frankfurt (Oder) is especially predestined for the realisation of investment projects in the fields of: warehousing, cross-border e-commerce and spare part logistics. Güterverkehrszentrum Frankfurt (Oder) c/o Investor Center Ostbrandenburg GmbH Im Technologiepark 1 15236 Frankfurt (Oder) +49 335 557 2206 +49 335 557 1310

Cluster Report I Transport, Mobility and LogisticsLogistics | 49 A Powerful Partner IPG stands for service in Berlin-Brandenburg logistics locations Services • Municipal consulting/funding management • Development of commercially zoned areas, revitalisation of unused industrial sites IPG is a company with a wide range of products for site and transport infrastructure development for public and private customers. It is responsible for the development and marketing of the freight transport centres Berlin Süd Großbeeren, Berlin West Wustermark and Berlin Ost Freienbrink, as well as the industrial parks in Premnitz and Ludwigsfelde (development project “An der Eichspitze“). For the operation of their connecting trains or public track systems, IPG supplies railroad engineering professionals and collaborates with regional railroad transport companies. On issues of public transport development, logistics, freight transport and the development of transeuropean networks in Berlin-Brandenburg (North Sea – Baltic, Scandinavian – Mediterranean, Orient – East Mediterranean), IPG is the agent for the Ministry of Infrastructure and Country Planning of the state of Brandenburg. Consulting services related to the JadeWeserPort, Mühlberg/Elbe, Wittenberge and Wustermark port facilities and the theme of port hinterland transport have also increased the level of expertise flowing into our services for waterway transport modes. For public customers, the IPG is a reliable partner in regard of financing projects with public funds. The range of services, in this case, includes the entire spectrum of the application, management, and billing including the use of funds. • Transport-related/urban planning concepts and research projects • Planning, construction project supervision, operation of railroad infrastructure • Development of train station buildings/environments • Marketing of industrial and commercial areas Contact IPG Infrastruktur und Projektentwicklungsgesellschaft mbH Burgstr. 30, 14467 Potsdam +49 331 200840 +49 331 2008470 © IPG

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