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Cluster Report Transport, Mobility and Logistics in the Capital Region Berlin-Brandenburg

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46 | Cluster Report I Transport, Mobility and LogisticsLogistics Connect Metropolises – HavelPort Berlin is introducing itself HavelPort Berlin covers the increasing demand for multimodal transshipment and port services in the metropolitan area of Berlin-Brandenburg Consolidate logistics expertise HavelPort Berlin is located west of Berlin on the Havelkanal at the freight transport centre Berlin West. HavelPort Berlin GmbH, which was founded in 2013, has been able to prove its logistical expertise in the course of the positive economic development of Berlin, with considerable company growth rates, and has accumulated know-how along the entire logistics chain. The HavelPort is optimally positioned in the areas of containers, bulk goods, as well as heavy goods and project loading from transportation to handling, warehousing, and value-added services. In addition, the inland terminal offers all port logistics services such as storage, stuffing, container cleaning, and repairing. Optimal connection The inland port has the best conditions for transports to and from the metropolitan area Berlin. Combined with the Multimodal Terminal Berlin and the adjacent marshalling yard HavelPort is an ideal hub for nearly all types of goods and modes of transport. It relieves the roads and the hinterland traffic will be strengthened. Water: Due to its direct location on the Havelkanal, the terminal is ideally connected to the comprehensive European network of inland waterways, without fluctuating water levels. Road: HavelPort can be reached via the A10 federal highway as well as the four-lane federal road B5. Rail: The HavelPort is connected to the DB rail network via the neighbouring Multimodal Terminal Berlin. The terminal has two tracks, each is 610 m long. The inland port has a total size of 28,250 square metres. The 390-metre-long quay offers three berths for ships with a length of up to 110 metres, and a width of 11 metres with a permanently available depth of 2.50 metres. Services • Handling of container, project cargo, bulk and heavy goods • Stuffing • Storage • Container repair and cleaning • CSC inspection of sea container Contact HavelPort Berlin GmbH Hafenstr. 12, 14641 Wustermark +49 33234 20698 +49 33234 20824

Cluster Report I Transport, Mobility and LogisticsLogistics | 47 Mobility rethought – wide view by proximity Mobility rethought Wide view by proximity Services • Public transport planning – supply planning, cost-effectiveness studies, student transport Interlink GmbH, headquartered in Berlin, and a subsidiary in Schwedt/Oder, was founded in 2004. We consult various customer groups in all areas of rail and road-bound public transport. These include, among others, transport companies, transport associations, authorities, ministries, local authorities, political institutions and tourism-related businesses. Depending on the order and the requirements, our own five-member team has a network of companies, planners, lawyers, buyers, financiers, generalists and pragmatists at its disposal. Our diverse range of services combine pragmatic problem solutions and innovative process links. In addition to the core questions on public transport planning, Interlink also offers new approaches and links to mobility services with company-relevant topics, as well as providing advice on futureoriented innovations, such as autonomous bus transport. We plan and support new concepts right up to implementation and are available as competent partners in all questions of communication. • Mobility solutions for rural areas – mobility concepts, flexible operating forms, kombiBus & LandLogistik • Linking of mobility – logistics, tourism, real estate, health • Communication – marketing, networking, project management, citizen dialogues, workshops, moderation Together with our partners, we have already participated in international projects and have experience in handling EU funding applications. Further information and a selection of references can be found on our homepage. Contact Using new technologies and innovations – Interlink shows what is already possible today. Let us know what we can do for you and please feel free to contact us. Interlink GmbH Wallstr. 58, 10179 Berlin +49 30 20913972 +49 30 20913973

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