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Cluster Report Transport, Mobility and Logistics in the Capital Region Berlin-Brandenburg

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32 | Cluster Report I Transport, Mobility and Logistics – Automotive Pierburg GmbH Whether EGR systems, valves, actuators or pumps – Pierburg is a synonym for competency and innovation in the area of reduced emissions and consumption Services • Specialist in the reduction of CO 2 and other emissions • Competency in exhaust gas recirculation, actuator technology, thermal charging • Actuators With almost 3,000 employees worldwide, Pierburg specialises in emission control and air management systems, throttle bodies, as well as solenoid valves. Its customers include all the renowned automotive names. The five business units – Actuators, Automotive Emission Systems, Commercial Diesel Systems, Pump Technology, and Solenoid Valves – develop engineering solutions for motor vehicle manufacturers around the globe. Pierburg GmbH is a subsidiary of Rheinmetall Automotive with around 11,000 employees generating annual sales of some € 2.6 billion at more than 40 locations worldwide. With a tradition stretching back over a hundred years, Pierburg is a brand that stands for reliable partnership and future-oriented technology. As a development partner of the automotive industry, Pierburg researches engine technology for the future and develops innovative solutions that are ready for mass production. Our partners trust in the know-how of our personnel and our passion for developing and manufacturing mechatronic components, modules, and systems for engines. We meet every challenge and, through creativity and innovative power, we enable the drive of tomorrow. Our five business units develop solutions for the great challenges of the industry, such as downsizing and emission reduction with simultaneous optimisation of performance. Our comprehensive product portfolio encompasses a variety of EGR systems, electric motor throttle bodies, control valves and exhaust gas flaps, solenoid valves, actuators, and valve train systems, as well as oil, water and vacuum pumps for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, and off-road applications from light to heavy-duty. The Pierburg plant in Berlin is the headquarter of our Business Unit Actuators with the global project and development responsibility and production facility. • Throttle bodies and control valves • Exhaust gas recirculation systems Contact Pierburg GmbH Scheringstr. 2, 13355 Berlin +49 30 46050 +49 30 46055440

Cluster Report I Transport, Mobility and Logistics – Automotive | 33 © IVP Integrated Transport Planning A department of Technische Universität Berlin Services • Mobility research from the user‘s viewpoint • Requirements profile of traffic modes and systems users The department researches the various aspects of cross transport modes and their interaction with the environment, technology, society, politics, and business. For transport teaching and research, it has a central, integrating function. Transport planning is thematised as a political process with the aim of establishing concepts for sustainable transport development. Due to its complexity, transport is modelled by interdisciplinary, intersectoral analyses in scientific scenarios for purposes of strategy development and activity assessment. The decisionmaking patterns of traffic participants and players are empirically studied during special field research and the policy-related implementation of transport activities is supported by the evaluation procedure. (1) Subject research and mobility routines as the object of traffic cause research. People‘s motives for acting the way they do in traffic are analysed. The special focus here is on repeating patterns of behaviour and the issue of how mobility routines can be influenced. (2) Futurology and invention generation. The task here is to forecast societal and technological trends and derive the requirements profile of the traffic participants of the future. (3) International mobility and transportation research. The department studies global trends of traffic development and traffic plan ning concepts. As part of research projects, it evaluates the acceptance and political implementation of innovative transport services. • Scientific analyses of transport and traffic as a political field • Mobility report drafts at the municipal level • Scenario development and invention generation Contact A demand-oriented perspective, in which consumers are viewed as engines for sustainable development and environmental policy players, guides this research. It is based on three areas of concentration: Hence, the work of the department ist guided by the triad: People – Mobility – Strategies. Technische Universität Berlin FG Integrierte Verkehrsplanung SG4, Salzufer 17–19, 10587 Berlin +49 30 31425145 +49 30 31427875 sekretariat@verkehrsplanung.

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