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Cluster Report Transport, Mobility and Logistics in the Capital Region Berlin-Brandenburg

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Cluster Report I Transport, Mobility and Logistics – Automotive | 31 Mission Oriented Research for Traffic and Logistics Finding steadily improved solutions for problems of transport, logistics, network flow management, disaster relief management, collision avoidance systems, mobile self-organising ad-hoc nets, etc. is a special challenge for O&S Consultancy due to the enduring demand to economise time and energy consuming systems. Unfortunately, the optimal resolution to these problems mostly depends on the problem size. Thus, industry and business look for new algorithms that provide not necessarily optimal but very good results in real time, something that corresponds to the imperative call for developing economically efficient, ecologically sustainable system solutions to known and new issues. Especially in the field of transportation and logistics, the current methods are either no longer adequate or are not yet efficient enough. Take the Asymmetric Multi-Stopover Problem for fleet management, courier services and taxi companies: “Find the shortest or quickest tour from the start to the destination, so that every point of a given set of stopovers is encountered!”. Moreover, additional demands like dual-criteria optimisation with respect to routing cost (length or time) and traffic intensity related trace costs are on the agenda. O&S Consultancy develops state-of-the-art prototype applications on the basis of Visual C++ that are being tested on large random graphs serving as traffic nets, where the solution candidates are provably depicted, enabling the verification of the calculated layouts. Our main objective is to provide such solution algorithms that are highly efficient, i.e., they have to cope with an excellent ratio with regard to solution time and solution quality – indeed, a difficult challenge regarding the NP-hardness of the problems. O&S Consultancy can refer to a long successful development tradition that comprises knowledge in theoretic and applied computer science, as well as skills and compe tence in designing efficient algorithms. We are engaged in missionoriented research, i.e., we yield consultancy and development for SMEs: beginning with problem analysis and problem partitioning, we design competing prototypes on the basis of a wellexperienced pool of basic algorithms and deliver a software prototype after programming and exhaustive testing. Services • Mission-oriented research • New solution methods for ​ transport, logistics, network flow management, disaster relief management, collision avoidance systems, mobile self-organising ad-hoc nets, etc. • Development, programming, prototyping Contact O&S Consultancy Hohenschönhauser Str. 1 10369 Berlin +49 30 91689942 +49 30 97105361

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