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Cluster Report Transport, Mobility and Logistics in the Capital Region Berlin-Brandenburg

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22 | Cluster Report I Transport, Mobility and Logistics – Automotive © Euro-K First class development services In the small energy converter sector Euro-K developes micro gas turbine systems for mobile and stationary applications. Our range of activities includes consulting on energy technological questions with the aid of process analysis and project planning. For advanced research and development of individual components, we have access to extensive simulation and computing power for flow analysis, strength investigation and process optimisation. In parallel, we conduct reallife tests at our own test facilities and validate the results through our simulation processes. The main subject of all projects is a micro gas turbine, which is developed to become the energy converter of the future. It features the highest combustion efficiency with the lowest exhaust gas emissions, excellent cost effectiveness through partial zero emission and optimal integration into existing process applications. Euro-K has the experience in design and in the optimisation in the combustion technology sector. To comply with the environment requirements set by the government, we have been steadily increasing the effectiveness of combustion systems as a sub-process of the micro gas turbine. To fulfil these requirements we focus on innovative burner layouts for different fuels (gaseous, liquid or solid) and manufacturing processes to increase the effectiveness of our products. Services • Euro-K offers burner systems for different types of fuel which are characterised by integral construction. Main target is the optimisation for the required fuel. But there are also burners with multi-fuel abilities. • The development of efficient energy converters for stationary and mobile applications focusses the targets of flexibility and life time. Contact © Euro-K To increase the system efficiency, we work on own recuperator concepts based on new manufacturing processes. Furthermore, Euro-K explores the possibilities of additive manufacturing, like PLA-based rapid prototyping, for first design evaluations or Selective Laser Melting (SLM) for manufacturing of integral components for micro gas turbines. Euro-K GmbH Wolfener Str. 32–34, Haus K 12681 Berlin +49 30 12059640 +49 30 346556440

Cluster Report I Transport, Mobility and Logistics – Automotive | 23 Car Park University Hospital Jena, Germany, with 1,306 parking spaces (LPh 2–5) Planning Services for Parking 25 years of experience in planning car parks, parking concepts and automated parking systems Services • Planning of car parks, both above and underground • Planning of automated parking systems As engineering and planning office for car park planning, GIVT mbH is independent of manufacturers and operators. From traffic studies to final concepts for an economic operation, we develop integrated concepts for parking and parking systems throughout Germany and internationally. Our CEO is publicly appointed and is a sworn expert for stationary traffic, parking and parking systems of the Chamber of Commerce. Therefore, he is an active member of various specialised bodies dealing with parking throughout Germany. GIVT mbH operates as a general planner, as a specialist planner or consultant for the public and Transfer cabin of the automated parking system Augustenkarre Munich, 19 parking spaces (LPh 1–8) private sector, depending on the project. For the ADAC (German Automobile Club) for instance, we tested more than 200 car parks in Germany and Europe. Our focus is planning user-friendly car parks, both above and below ground, for all construction types. Our parking facilities take urban development, traffic, economic and ecological factors into account. Special know-how in the area of automated parking systems is one of our unique services. The user-friendliness and sustainability of car parks are important for the user acceptance and functionality as a traffic building. Parking comfort is highly dependent on driving geometry. We use the newest technical, operational and safety-related knowledge as well as all relevant sets of standards, such as EAR 05, according to the (advanced) state of the art. We develop flexible parking layouts, considering different vehicle dimensions, and plan energy-saving infrastructures. Our design canon and planning principles with lots of examples are summarised in the “Construction and Design Manual Parking Structures”, which was published in 2012 by DOM publishers with editions in five languages. The second German edition is in preparation. You can find detailed information on our range of service, planning philosophy, and parking planning on our website. • Traffic and parking space planning • Renovation planning • Operator and operation concepts • General and specialist planning • Certifications and assessments Contact GIVT Gesellschaft für Innovative VerkehrsTechnologien mbH Pasedagplatz 3–4, 13088 Berlin +49 30 4749980 +49 30 47499849

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