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Cluster Report Transport, Mobility and Logistics in the Capital Region Berlin-Brandenburg

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18 | Cluster Report I Transport, Mobility and Logistics – Automotive Automobile Suppliers Association Bringing together small to medium-sized businesses in the region Services • Information on trends and requirements in the automotive industry • Support in building new business relationships aBB e. V. is precisely the right place for anyone having difficulty locating the right partnership. After all, the association brings together what belongs together. It analyses the individual interests of its members, brokers suitable contacts and lets its members share their expertise. Who can get involved? Any interested company in the Berlin- Brandenburg region. The association already has 65 members. Making contacts and developing new partnerships is the most important, but far from being the only goal of the association. Anyone looking to source information about a particular business in the Berlin-Brandenburg automotive region can get an overview by consulting the Competency Atlas on the homepage. All businesses are listed, divided into different sectors of the automotive industry and are just a few clicks away. The aBB e. V. also initiates and supports projects. Designing future-safe and efficient production is the task and aim of the network project ProProd, founded at the end of 2015. Research institutions, development partners and manufacturing businesses work together to find answers to any questions arising in the context of production processes. The activities focus on topics such as making production more flexible, design and factory planning processes, testing procedures for components and processes, quality management, use of energy and resources, as well as information chains in production. Another project is the EQ – an ultra-light electric vehicle for urban areas, which is based on an idea by the company Esch-Projekt. Unlike traditional electric vehicles, the low number of charging points in cities is not an issue for the EQ, as it is the only vehicle in its class that has a portable, universally-chargeable battery. The flexible allrounder has a range of 60 to 80 kilometres and a top speed of 80 kilometres per hour. The EQ offers fast and environmentally friendly mobility from A to B. aBB has joined with companies from Berlin and Brandenburg to get the project ready for market launch. In addition, the aBB offers support in the recruitment of specialists, e.g. through close cooperation with the careers service in the German Armed Forces. • Assistance with brainstorming of new technologies, as well as pre-financing • Help in staff qualification and business certification • Initiation of inter-industry projects Contact automotive BerlinBrandenburg e. V. (aBB e. V.) Verband der Automobilzulieferindustrie Berlin Brandenburg Fontanestr. 15, 14476 Potsdam +49 33208 216255 +49 30 68002077

Cluster Report I Transport, Mobility and Logistics – Automotive | 19 The Chair of Automation Technology Services • Advice on technical automation issues • Technology scouting • Preparation and implementation of technical workshop and seminars The Chair of Automation Technology of the BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg, which is led by Prof. Dr.- Ing. Ulrich Berger since 2001, is not only carrying a legacy of research and development in cuttingedge scientific and technological domains but also a legacy of education in the fields of planning, programming and experimental validation of automatised production systems. The focuses of work include model-based control engineering, prototypical development of machines and plants supported by robots, simulation-based conception and interdisciplinary research concerning the interaction of humans and machines in the operational environment. For research and education purposes, the Chair offers technical equipment and production cells oriented towards realistic production units, including a considerable robotic and machine tool laboratory as well as a CAD/CAM pool. Thus, students are educated in complex teaching and learning environments distinguished by a combination of programming environment and system simulation. Derived from the main focuses of work, current research at the Chair of Automation Technology concentrates on the simulation and employeerelated visualisation of production processes using augmented reality. Moreover, the Chair investigates hybrid manufacturing technologies in partly or completely automatised production cells In this regard, basic concepts of cooperative robots in flexible manufacturing cells for assembling tasks of com plex components have been developed. Further issues result from the validation of PLC user programs in safety-related applications and for numerically controlled machines, with the emphasis on simulation and testing of processes with the help of 3D-simulation environments. Here, mainly the draft and validation of control programs using model-based simulations are considered. In addition to joint research projects (BMBF, BMWi) with well-known German companies, international EU projects are handled. Also, selected scholarship students of the DAAD and other organisations are involved in the Chair’s research. To support small and medium-sized enterprises in Brandenburg, the Innovation Center Modern Industry (IMI) Brandenburg was created at the Chair of Automation. The Innovation Center helps address the challenges arising from the increasing automation and digitisation of business processes. Therefore, IMI Brandenburg offers a model factory, workshops and events as well as the individual development of better and more efficient strategies for SMEs. • Assistance in preparing research and development projects Contact Brandenburg University of Technology Chair of Automation Technology Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Berger Siemens-Halske-Ring 14 03046 Cottbus +49 355 692457 +49 355 692387 fg-automatisierungstechnik@

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