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Cluster Report Transport, Mobility and Logistics in the Capital Region Berlin-Brandenburg

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14 | Cluster Report I Transport, Mobility and Logistics – A Strong Location tion may negatively impact transport schedules,” says Dr. Andreas Meyer, CEO at Synfioo. “Our ‘360° transport monitoring’ enables them to make decisions on alternative measures without losing any time,” Meyer continues. Synfioo only requires basic information on a transport to provide this service: The starting point, destination, any stopovers, and the departure time. The Synfioo software then sources a broad variety of available real-time data to identify the relevant factors that may disrupt each individual Berlin Agency for Electromobility eMO The Berlin Agency for Electromobility eMO is the central port of call for electromobility issues in the German capital region. eMO combines the expert knowledge from business, science, politics and administration to drive electromobility technology and to ensure its sustainable integration within the Smart City Berlin. The agency applies a purposeful approach to bring together stakeholders and competencies and to support the initiation and marketing of regional, national, and international research and technology projects. Coordinated by eMO from 2012–2016, the 30 core projects within the large-scale ‘International Electromobility Showcase Berlin-Brandenburg’ provided invaluable and varied impetus for the sustainable establishment of electromobility in the German capital region. The Showcase set the stage for ongoing development of the eMO portfolio. Now it is important to collaborate with partners in the business and scientific communities to digitalize, automate and network transport in the interests of creating ‘smart mobility’. eMO is an agency operated by the state of Berlin as a public-private partnership under the aegis of Berlin Partner for Business and Technology. eMO’s activities are closely integrated within the work of the Cluster Transport, Mobility and Logistics. Germany's largest eTruck in action at BEHALA, © BEHALA transport, which it then sends as messages to all transport partners involved, either as a web service in the standard planning system, by text message, in a mobile app, by e-mail, or integrated directly in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Customers are therefore provided with more corroborated data, including all known disturbances, which they can use to make decisions and to ensure robust and reliable transport scheduling. Studies among transport planners have also shown that responding to disturbances and rescheduling planned routes account for over 50 percent of the worktime, especially on longer and more vulnerable journeys. Initial analyses indicate that around 20 percent of this worktime can be saved by providing planners with up-to-date information on current events along the transport route – valuable time that can be used to process additional transport jobs and other tasks.

Cluster Report I Transport, Mobility and Logistics – A Strong Location | 15 Cluster Transport, Mobility and Logisticsthe relation to innovation in Berlin and Brandenburg (Photo: Glienicke Bridge © Fotolia) Partners in the cluster management Berlin Partner for Business and Technology is the corporation entrusted with promoting business and technology and location marketing in the state of Berlin. Besides corporate services to assist businesses in expansion and internationalisation and to support investors when moving to the German Capital, Berlin Partner focuses mainly on tasks relating to technology transfer between the scientific and business communities and on the innovation policies defined by the state of Berlin. Berlin Partner receives support for national and international Capital City Marketing from the Berlin Partner network as part of a public-private partnership. The network comprises 270 commercial enterprises and scientific institutions. Berlin Partner cooperates in ongoing development of the shared innovation policy strategy with Brandenburg and provides the Berlin contribution to managing the joint clusters. Brandenburg Invest (WFBB) is the central port of call for investors, local companies, and technology-driven startups. It offers single-source support for economic development and job creation, realized through the comprehensive range of offered services, well-informed specialist support and consultation for its customers and its tight-knit network of partners throughout the state of Brandenburg and beyond. This provides a stable business environment in the region that forms the basis for companies’ economic success. WFBB is a reliable partner that offers competent consultation on anything to do with economic development, support for innovation, technological advancements, and foreign trade, as well as skilled personnel development, introduction of new technologies, efficient use of energy, and opening up new national and international markets. WFBB provides the Brandenburg contribution to the management of the joint cluster. Brandenburg Invest (WFBB) collaborates with Berlin Partner to market Germany’s capital region.

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