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Cluster Report Photonics in the Capital Region Berlin-Brandenburg

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40 Cluster Report Optics and PhotonicsPhotonics and Quantum Technology for Communications and Sensors trology, fundamental research, medical applications and beyond. It also provides an exceptionally well controlled environment for sensing smallest magnetic fields. This infrastructure is accessible to external partners. The Zuse Institute Berlin (ZIB) is an interdisciplinary research institute for applied mathematics and high-performance computing. The Computational Nano Optics group investigates and applies numerical methods for the simulation of light-matter interactions in nanoscale devices. A highly topical field of application is optical quantum technology: modeling and simulation are used for the interpretation of experimental results as well as for the effective design of future technologies, such as quantum communication devices and quantum computers. Menlo Systems GmbH provides complete laser systems for cold atom experiments that can be used in different applications. Such setups are necessary parts of optical clocks, quantum simulations or quantum computing In Brandenburg, research groups from the Institute of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Potsdam, the Max Planck Institute for Gravitational Physics (Albert Einstein Institute) and the GFZ German Research Centre for Geophysics Potsdam are working on quantum technology topics. 1147b474&m=menu,self FC1500-Quantum complete laser system for a Strontium lattice experiment including sub-Hz laser and frequenca comb © Menlo Systems GmbH standard encryption. This technology also uses quantum random number generators for extra-secure keys and permits customer-specific security implementations for 5G and IoT networks. Berlin researchers also make important contributions to exciting space projects. For example, they are not only working on optical atomic clocks that make more precise satellite navigation possible. As part of the BECCAL experiment, they are also helping to realize a highly sensitive Bose-Einstein condensate on board the International Space Station. JCMwave GmbH develops software for fast and accurate optical simulations. For use in quantum technologies the software comprises special features such as the simulation of quantum dot light sources, the determination of the Purcell effect, or the calculation of resonator field modes. As a startup in secure communication, GoQuantum c/o Factory Works GmbH develops connectivity devices for post-quantum communication. The algorithms used are not affected by quantum computers which can break

Cluster Report Optics and PhotonicsPhotonics and Quantum Technology for Communications and Sensors 41 periments based on cold atoms or ions. The company also has experience in optical frequency combs, cavity-stabilized lasers, femtosecond lasers and terahertz systems. For some years already, M Squared Laser Limited has been at the heart of the international quantum supply chain. Its experts develop components, sub-systems and sensors for commercial quantum applications. The company provides the world’s purest light to enable scientific progress and power industry. Its lasers and cutting-edge photonics systems are working to realise the potential of the coming quantum age, deliver advances in healthcare and provide the scientific understanding to help halt climate change. M Squared also specialises in the development of extremely stable and robust lasers with expertise spanning CW to fs, and DUV to THz wavelengths. New Modulation Methods increase Transmission Capacity in Fibre-Optic Networks Even with optical data networks, size doesn’t always matter. At Fraunhofer HHI, existing data connections between continents are analysed and simulated in the laboratory. Whereas, in the past, the light was only switched on and off quickly and one bit was transmitted with each pulse, today four bits and more are transmitted in the same time using phase and amplitude modulation. This often requires a compromise between transmission speed and cost. There is worldwide interest in Fraunhofer HHI’s robust, fast methods, but the installation of a new intercontinental submarine cable could easily cost more than a billion euros. However, companies and institutes are also working on making quantum technologies useful on earth. In the field of communication, there is particular interest in quantum cryptography. Concepts are being worked on to enable efficient repeaters. The lasers of Picoquant GmbH also find application in quantum technology. These include Hanbury-Brown- Twiss set-ups to study single photon sources, quantum communication and quantum key distribution (QKD), Bell state measurements, or experiments on quantum gates for future quantum computers. Photonic integrated PolyBoard chip © Fraunhofer HHI QUARTIQ GmbH is a pioneer in the development of open hardware and software solutions for quantum technology applications. It supplies research and metrology institutes worldwide with custom designs and also provides development and integration in collaborative industrial research projects, such as transportable and robust optical atomic clocks. The firm also works on algorithms and components for high-performance measurement and control tasks. Important pioneering work in the field of modern fibre optics is carried out by the PolyPhotonics Berlin technology network. Eleven companies and three research institutes have joined forces in this regional competence network to develop polymer-based optical components. A hybrid-optical modular technology platform serves as the flexible basis for different assemblies. The central chip with optical waveguides made of polymer material can accommodate other passive elements such as glass fibres, thin-film filters, and micro-optics as well as active components such as photo diodes and laser chips. The various project partners contribute their respective expertise so that the platform can be used in telecom and data communications applications as well as in analytics and sensor technology.

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