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Cluster Report Photonics in the Capital Region Berlin-Brandenburg

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38 Cluster Report Optics and PhotonicsPhotonics for Communications and Sensors Element consisting of an integrated quantum optical chip © TU Berlin/AG Optoelektronik New Modulation Methods Increase Transmission Capacity in Fibre-Optic Networks ADVA Optical Networking SE also has offices in Berlin. The telecommunications company has seen strong growth in recent years and is on the DCI (data centre interconnect) market one of the leading providers in the “Metro ICP/CNP” (Internet content provider/carrier neutral provider) and “Enterprise” categories. The ADVA FSP 3000 CloudConnect is a solution for fast data transfer that requires less floor space and energy than comparable technologies. Even with optical data networks, size doesn’t always matter. At Fraunhofer HHI, existing data connections between continents are analysed and simulated in the laboratory. Whereas, in the past, the light was only switched on and off quickly and one bit was transmitted with each pulse, today four bits and more are transmitted in the same time using phase and amplitude modulation. This often requires a compromise between transmission speed and cost. There is worldwide interest in Fraunhofer HHI’s robust, fast methods, but the installation of a new intercontinental submarine cable could easily cost more than a billion euros. However, companies and institutes are also working on making quantum technologies useful on earth. In the field of communication, there is particular interest in quantum cryptography. Concepts are being worked on to enable efficient repeaters. Fibre Optics Continues to Be Innovative Optical fibres are not only transmission elements for digital, analogue, or spectral information; they can also become sensor elements themselves. They can also be used as probes or applicators for surgery or photodynamic therapy. Further information can be found in chapters 2.1 “Laser Technology”, 2.4 “Optical Analytics”, 2.5 “Biomedical and Ophthalmic Optics” and 2.6 “Microsystems Technology”. On its website, CORNING Inc. claims that after the Stone, Bronze, and Iron Ages, the Glass Age has begun. And the global corporation certainly plays an important role here. In Berlin, Corning Optical Communications GmbH & Co. KG has offices in Mitte and Adlershof. The Mitte branch manages the company’s complete fibre-optic and Important pioneering work in the field of modern fibre optics is carried out by the PolyPhotonics Berlin technology network. Eleven companies and three research institutes have joined forces in this regional competence network to develop polymer-based optical components. A hybrid-optical modular technology platform serves as the flexible basis for different assemblies. The central chip with optical waveguides made of polymer material can accommodate other passive elements such as glass fibres, thin-film filters, and micro-optics as well as active components such as photo diodes and laser chips. The various project partners contribute their respective expertise so that the platform can be used in telecom and data communications applications as well as in analytics and sensor technology. Optical flexline © Fraunhofer HHI

Cluster Report Optics and PhotonicsPhotonics for Communications and Sensors 39 copper product solutions for telecommunications and data networks in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. At Adlershof, the company operates a research and development centre for innovative products in telecommunications technology. fibre-optic cables for transmitting laser beams. The cables transport up to 1 kW laser power and are used in both industrial and medical applications. In addition, FCC has fibre bundles, probes for spectroscopy, and optical fibre couplers in its portfolio. Measurement Technology Platform for polyphotonics © Fraunhofer HHI The Fraunhofer HHI spin-off u2t Photonics AG was recently acquired by the global player Finisar Germany GmbH. Finisar, headquartered in California, is a major provider of fibre-optic systems and data communications. The outstanding indium phosphide technology of u2t Photonics’ 100G high-speed receivers and photodetectors has proven to be an important investment for Finisar. The Berlin site continues to play a critical role in the development of advanced components targeting 100/200G and 400/600G applications, achieving up to 64 GBd data rates and providing fluid continental and intercontinental data traffic through underground and submarine cables. The region is also home to companies that manufacture glass fibres and waveguides. One example is FOC – fibre optical components GmbH, whose fibre coupling and splicing technology is used worldwide. FOC develops and produces passive optical components for use in data transmission, telecommunications, industrial control, sensor technology, laser and medical technology. FCC Fibre- CableConnect GmbH, on the other hand, specialises in Founded in 1983, SHF Communication Technologies AG develops, manufactures, and sells components and measuring instruments for high-speed data transmission. These components and measuring instruments are frequently used in the communications industry, especially by telecommunications companies, network equipment manufacturers, and research institutes. SHF’s products primarily help increase the data transmission capacity of optical networks. Due to its special expertise in the field of high-speed data transmission, SHF has become one of the world’s leading manufacturers in this area. The growing demand for fast optoelectronic components and measurement devices is served by the following product segments: bit pattern generators and error analysers for data rates of up to 100 Gbps, optical transmitters and receivers for data rates up to 128 Gbps, driver amplifiers for optical modulators, and passive components for high-frequency technology. Tektronix GmbH is another specialist for measurement technology, sensor technology, and high-speed communication in Berlin. The company develops and manufactures testing and measurement solutions for complex tasks, including health, communications, mobility, and space flight. It has offices in 21 countries and offers a broad portfolio of services which include performance and energy efficiency as well as 3D sensor technology, semiconductor development, and wired communication.

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