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Cluster Report Photonics in the Capital Region Berlin-Brandenburg

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30 Cluster Report Optics and Photonics – Lighting Technology Lumi-Con has dedicated itself to finding ways to dim LED lights. It develops and produces its own dimmers, control units, and the corresponding highly efficient LED lights and lamps for private and commercial use. TQ Technology develops systems for automotive, medical, and other special lighting applications. Using the latest CAD systems and simulation software, the company carries out concept or feasibility studies for LED- and laser-based projects. LEDs offer a variety of possibilities © Epigap Optronic GmbH LEDs dominate luminaire manufacturing Modern lighting technology is no longer conceivable without light-emitting diodes. LEDs combine high durability with energy efficiency, a long – service life, and a wide range of spectral diversity. Epigap Optronic GmbH in Berlin produces LEDs, LED chips, and photodiodes for all types of industrial applications both as standard products and as custom designs. Epigap offers high-end LED chips for the entire spectrum. The company specialises in the production of smaller to medium quantities that meet high quality standards. In recent years, Epigap has further sharpened its profile towards customer-specific solutions in the field of LED chips, LEDs, and photodiodes and serves the industrial sensor technology, medical technology, and security technology markets. Epigap is currently strengthening its competence in the field of optoelectronic measurement technology. The company is also in partnership with Jenoptik Polymer Systems, which also manufactures optical components in Berlin, including optoelectronic chips, light-emitting diodes, photodiodes, and spotlights. The young Berlin enterprise FutureLED GmbH specialises in specialty light sources for industrial, medical, and agricultural applications. The company develops and manufactures LED light sources and radiation modules that operate with wavelengths ranging from 280 nm to 1,600 nm, i.e. not only the visible, but also the ultraviolet and infrared ranges. The “Sunlike” system, for example, is an LED platform from which light can be emitted in various wavelengths between 350 nm and 1,100 nm. This allows the full spectrum of daylight to be replicated with the highest possible accuracy. In addition to other applications, the company is also working on measuring the performance of solar-powered systems. OSA Opto Light GmbH also produces specialised LED chips, modules, and lamps both as standard and as custom products. The spectrum ranges from the ultraviolet to the infrared range. Easy Lights GmbH, based in Dallgow-Döberitz, provides ergonomic lighting solutions for the workplace. Intelligent sensor controls ensure optimal illumination for a fatigue-free work. Mawa Design Licht- und Wohnideen GmbH in Michendorf develops and produces innovative luminaires and lighting systems. Using the latest CNC and robot technology, the company also implements individual and complex projects. The designers of the lighting design office leuchtstoff* in Cottbus also focus on devising new lighting concepts. Their systems include components that the company develops together with companies from the region.

Cluster Report Optics and Photonics – Lighting Technology 31 LIGHT-TOOL sees itself as a complete service provider for all aspects of LED lighting. For architects, builders, event organisers, and industry, the company manufactures individual luminaires including the required operating devices and controls. The OUT e. V. has an optical laboratory for measuring luminous flux, colour temperature, and radiation characteristics. © Berlin Partner for Business and Technology – Monique Wüstenhagen PRC Krochmann is also active in the field of light measurement technology. Indeed, the company’s name is an acronym for photometry, radiometry, and colorimetry. PRC Krochmann supplies research institutions and industrial producers as well as planners and operators of large lighting installations. The product range covers all areas in which light, radiation, and colour are measured. Measuring laboratory for lighting technology © TU Berlin Measurement Technology: at the Pulse of Light For many industrial applications, an exact knowledge of the different physical parameters of the light sources is necessary. There are several companies and institutes in the Berlin Brandenburg region that are dedicated to the development of measurement technology or the performance of technical light measurements. Instrument Systems GmbH, one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of light measurement technology in Europe, has its own subsidiary Optronik in Berlin. The company offers the entire spectrum of light, radiation, and colour measurement technology and can supply complete light measurement laboratories, especially for the automotive and transport sectors. Other suppliers of light measurement technology based in Berlin include LMT Lichtmesstechnik GmbH Berlin and Czibula & Grundmann GmbH. These two also supply the complete range of technology and software for professional light measurements as well as for applications in measurement and control technology. Optotransmitter-Umweltschutz-Technologie e. V. (OUT e. V.) is a research and development service provider focusing on lighting technology and offers optical measurements on flat layers and surfaces as a technical service. These include wavelength-dependent transmission, absorption, and reflection measurements from 0.2 µm (UV) to 1.25 mm (terahertz) as well as the determination of optical constants. In addition, OUT e. V. offers a wide range of photometric measurements on all relevant physical parameters of LEDs and small radiation sources.

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