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Cluster Report Photonics in the Capital Region Berlin-Brandenburg

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28 Cluster Report Optics and Photonics – Lighting Technology Among the projects of Licht Kunst Licht are the Baden-Württemberg buildings of the state parliament and the Ministry of the Interior in Stuttgart, the Berlin department store KADEWE, and the German Ivory Museum in Erbach. L-PLAN LIGHT- ING DESIGN won the German Lighting Design Prize in 2017 for its lighting concept in the Hotel Adlon. They are just as involved in modern large-scale projects such as the Doha Convention Center in Qatar as they are in cultural buildings: the company planned the lighting for the Christuskirche and Torhaus in Lüdenscheid. Luminous motorbike clothing for enhanced safety on the road © OSRAM OSRAM’s smart textiles unit in Berlin develops a defining innovation to illuminate clothing and accessories such as helmets, back-packs and school bags using LED lights. OS- RAM’s LED modules are available in a variety of colors and configurations and they can be washed* with the garment providing active illumination. One of the initiators of the Berlin lighting festivals “Berlin leuchtet” and the “Festival of Lights” is Andreas Boehlke, board member of Berlin leuchtet e. V. and managing director of Hans Boehlke Elektroinstallationen GmbH, a company that can look back at 70 years of tradition. In addition to special event lighting, such as the execution of the Christmas lighting in Berlin, the company has also developed 3D and 4D video mappings and facade projections, fixed installations, and shop lighting. ThePowerHouse GmbH is an innovation agency for fashion tech, wearable technology, and smart textiles. The parent company ElektroCouture combines fashion and technology and develops wearables using smart fabrics and light. Limax Bühnen- und Studiobeleuchtung GmbH in Erkner manufactures professional stage lighting equipment precisely tailored to the customer’s requirements. The luminaires of SUMOLIGHT also deliver massive luminous intensities, particularly suitable for studio recording and film productions. The Leoni Business Unit Fiber Optics has developed an optical fiber on its own that emits light in all directions: The AmbientFiber. The core of the optical fiber is fused silica, which works to prevent any discoloration effects or undesirable reactions to incident sunlight. Applications can be found in the automotive industry, in interior and emergency lighting or for illumination in architecture and infrastructure. New radial emitting illuminating fibers with maximum freedom in product design – AmbientFiber ® © Leoni Fiber Optics Start-ups in Berlin Brandenburg In recent years, Berlin has made a name for itself as a startup hub and has seen a number of new companies in the fields of lighting technology and lighting design. volatiles lighting GmbH is working on developing the first intelligent lighting surfaces for residential spaces. At the heart of the

Cluster Report Optics and Photonics – Lighting Technology 29 Potsdam-based oSol:e GmbH develops and designs solar lights for the .STOOL brand. © oSol:e GmbH system are square modules about the size of a deck of cards that are assembled to form individual lighting surfaces and play both static and dynamic lighting scenes. The colours, patterns, and brightness can be changed by touch as well as by the smartphone app. The lighting surfaces communicate with their environment via interfaces to the Smart Home and automatically adjust the lighting as required. The technology remains invisible to the user at all times. Individual neon lights, on the other hand, are the trademark of the Sygns GmbH. Customers can choose from various in-stock options or can create their own neon font. LittleSun GmbH founded by Olafur Eliasson and Frederik Ottesen is a global project with a social business model. The goal is to bring clean and affordable light to the 1.1 billion people in the world who live without a constant power supply. The company’s first product, the LED solar light Little Sun, is sold worldwide. By selling its products in regions with reliable power supplies, the lights can also be offered at lower, locally affordable prices wherever there is no connection to the power grid. They thus represent a clean alternative to toxic and expensive light sources based on fossil fuels, such as kerosene lamps. The start-up Siut GmbH brings light into concrete using fibreglass. It is currently working with Deutsche Bahn to create digital edges for rail platforms. But architects are also very interested in the new design possibilities of fibre-optic concrete. Intelligent solutions for lighting with solar energy are the specialty of oSol:e GmbH in Potsdam. These include lighting for home use as well as solar modules for trucks, which supply cooling or on-board electronics with electricity. Artrolux GmbH offers complex lighting systems for architects, industry, and research. Thanks to intelligent control and dimming, even complex lighting situations can be realised. Lighting up paper is what the Berlin start-up INURU GmbH does. Thanks to new printing processes, ultra-thin, environmentally friendly, and flexible OLED coatings can be applied to papers.

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