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Cluster Report Photonics in the Capital Region Berlin-Brandenburg

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20 Cluster Report Optics and Photonics – Laser Technology Many companies in the capital region act as service providers for various forms of material processing with lasers. One of these is Laser Micro Präzision LMP GmbH in Werder. The company offers laser inscriptions down to the micrometer range, e.g. for data matrix encoding of printed circuit boards. They also offer microsurface processing and drilling of holes in the submillimetre range. escotec Lasertechnik GmbH in Teltow is a specialist for laser welding, especially for medical technology. Canulas, stainless steel, and titanium foils are typical pieces made by the company. Optical components for laser radiation The region is home to a wide range of laser manufacturers. And where many lasers are being produced, there will be, of course, companies on hand to supply peripherals. For example, APE – Angewandte Physik & Elektronik GmbH, the international market leader for components and systems in ultra-fast laser technology, is located in Berlin. The company’s main focus is on systems for ultrashort-pulse diagnostics and wavelength conversion. Crystalix Enterprises AG specialised in engraving in or on glass using machinery the company has developed inhouse. This allows three-dimensional portraits, company logos, and other motifs to be incorporated into glass surfaces. Typical examples are photo displays in the highest resolution or the unobtrusive integration of a QR code. SLT Sensor- und Lasertechnik GmbH has also specialised in components for the control and monitoring of laser systems. Among other things, the company offers sensors for pulse lasers, display devices for measuring pulse energy, and heads to measure the power and energy of VUV lasers. LHW GmbH is a specialist in the field of laser hardening of alloyed and high-alloy steels in tool systems. Its customers are in the automotive industry, food and meat processing, mechanical engineering, and forming technology. As a service provider, the company offers the hardening of knife edges, bending and cutting of tools, press molds, rollers, shafts, gears, profile rollers, screws, injection molds, bushings, and bearings. Even completely normal metalworking companies are beginning to take advantage of laser technology and offer innovative products. Typical examples include LASER- TECHNIK Brandenburg/Havel GmbH and Finow Automotive GmbH in Eberswalde. Laser diode and Peltier drivers as well as modular combinations of these, whether as table-top or rack modules, are being offered by Ostech e.K. Integrated diode laser systems and heat sinks are also available. The Berliner Glas Group, one of the leading European suppliers of optical key components, assemblies, and systems, is located in the capital. The company manufactures lenses, prisms, mesh, and other precision optical components in clean rooms and supplies complete optical, optoelectrical, and optomechanical systems. For companies working with laser technology, Berliner Glas offers custom beam forming systems from the laser source to the workpiece.

Cluster Report Optics and Photonics – Laser Technology 21 Holoeye Photonics AG also works with glass. The company offers diffractive optical elements used in 3D metrology as well as in microdisplays and components for modulating amplitude and phase. Berlin-based Crystal GmbH sells crystal components, including those used to build YAG:Ndand YAG:CR lasers. In addition to active and passive laser components, Crystal also prefabricates assemblies upon request. Ekos GmbH also develops and designs components for laser optics, including achromatic and light section optics. Fisba Photonics GmbH is the German subsidiary of the Swiss company FISBA OPTIK. The company chose to locate in Adlershof because of the high concentration of expertise in the district. With a team of developers, the company carries out basic research, but also performs feasibility studies, experimental investigations, design and development as well as laboratory samples and prototypes. Fisba also offers precision optical components and systems. Fibre optics FCC FibreCableConnect GmbH covers the full process of manufacturing glass fibre for laser applications from design to prototype and serial production. FCC offers components for the special requirements of laser medicine as well as cables with active cooling for outputs of up to 1 kW. TRIOPTICS Berlin GmbH has been part of the TRIOP- TICS Group since autumn 2010. Founded as a subsidiary of FISBA OPTIK AG of St. Gallen, Switzerland, in spring 1998, TRIOPTICS Berlin has since been active in interferometry and develops hardware and software applications in the field of optical metrology. TRIOPTICS Berlin offers complete interferometer systems, measurement services, and tailor-made solutions for measurement tasks in optical surface measurement. Leoni Fiber Optics GmbH is another European industry leader with an office in Berlin. It offers optical fibres with custom designs, from cables for industrial fibres to solutions for laser metering. Optical fibres and fibre systems are also the business of art photonics GmbH. Its products are used in spectroscopy, analytics, and laser medicine. PT Photonic Tools GmbH was founded in autumn 2013 to deliver system components and application solutions for industrial short and ultrashort-pulse lasers as well as high-power CW lasers. With the first industrial fibre beam guidance for ultrashort-pulse lasers with microstructured hollow core fibre, Photonic Tools has set a milestone for their easy integration of ultrashort-pulse lasers into industrial applications. The modular laser processing heads and fibre-based beam guidance systems are designed to meet the requirements of laser applications in serial and mass production. Special optical fibres with square core shape © Leoni Fiber Optics

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