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Cluster Report Photonics in the Capital Region Berlin-Brandenburg

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18 Cluster Report Optics and Photonics – Laser Technology Compact Laser Solutions GmbH specialises in ultracompact systems, used for such things as marking and encoding products, but also for material processing in the micro and macro ranges. Production Technology Center (PTZ) Berlin, left in the foreground the new Microproduction Technology Application Center (AMP) © Fraunhofer IPK The most important segment for AdlOptica Optical Systems GmbH is versatile refractive beam shaping and multifocal optics for converting the intensity distribution of a laser beam such as a Gaussian beam into a flat-top profile. This beam forming optics finds applications in numerous industrial and scientific processes. The company name AdlOptica refers to Adlershof, Germany’s most modern technology park in Berlin. Berlin-based KOMLAS Optische Komponenten und Lasersysteme GmbH offers pulsed laser welding systems for laser micromachining. The KPL 5000 is maintenance-free and can be supplied with two fibre outputs to allow two spots to be welded at a time. Canlas Laser Processing GmbH in Berlin-Adlershof has specialised in using lasers with a high repetition rate and high power for micro-material processing. Canlas’s technology has been used to weld semiconductor chips to heat sinks but can also be used to mark medical instruments or engrave data matrix codes on circuit boards. Laser-based processing of materials finds many uses in the automotive industry. For example, Scansonic MI/IPT GmbH is able to offer a wide range of relevant products. The company develops and supplies systems for laser and arc joining. Scansonic components can be used to weld and solder body and chassis parts made of different materials and to control the hardening of highly stressed components. Like Lumics GmbH, flying-parts GmbH, and GEFERTEC GmbH, Scansonic MI/IPT is a part of the Berlin.Industrial. Group under the Berlin-based Scansonic Holding SE. The Scansonic Group has thus built up a broad portfolio for laserbased production and measurement technology. Since 2014, the Göttingen-based company Metrolux optische Messtechnik GmbH has also been a part of the Scansonic Group. Smart Laser Systems GmbH also offers systems for micromachining. For example, the company offers diode-pumped solid state lasers in a compact modular design that are suitable for welding. They can also be used as optical tweezers. Of course, it is also possible to solder by laser. ATN Automatisierungstechnik Niemeier GmbH has specialised in systems for automated single-point soldering.

Cluster Report Optics and Photonics – Laser Technology 19 Berlin-based companies itec Automation & Laser AG and Laser-Mikrotechnologie Dr. Kieburg GmbH also have their hands in multiple aspects of the business. itec not only manufactures laser machines for cutting and welding processes and special machines for complex manufacturing processes, but also does prototype and serial production for customers. Laser-Mikrotechnologie Dr. Kieburg develops and produces systems for laser micromachining, from OEM modules to complete systems. This technology can be used to produce photo templates, metal masks, inscriptions, and pinholes. It can also be used for three-dimensional processing of silicon, ceramics, and metal as well as microstructuring materials and fine-cutting metal foils down to the micrometre range. In addition, the company also accepts outsourcing orders using the same technologies. ALO3: laser processing optics with seam tracking by added wire © Scansonic Group Using their own expertise – manufacturers and users in one Many companies in the region have two mainstays: developing and producing systems for material processing, but also manufacturing components themselves on behalf of customers. For example, Photon Laser Engineering GmbH develops and tests new methods for cutting, welding, soldering, coating, etc. at its Berlin location, especially for use in the production of car bodies and technology, rail, and spacecraft. The results are then implemented in the production facilities of its sister company, Photon Laser Manufacturing GmbH, which produces sheet metal parts that are cut, drilled, welded, and soldered using lasers. Both companies are a part of Berlin-based Photon AG. The Photon Group’s customers include renowned manufacturers of rail vehicles (Stadler Rail, Alstom Transport, Bombardier Transportation), wind turbines (Siemens Energy), and local metal processing companies such as Hennigsdorfer Stahl Engineering GmbH. Ingenieurbüro Hüyüktepe, Helios Laser-Service is also active in two areas: its employees maintain and repair laser systems, but the company also offers various services with its own technology: fine machining, cutting, welding, drilling, inscribing, marking, and removal of coatings using lasers. As part of Poland-based Solaris Group, DoroTEK Gesellschaft für Systemtechnik GmbH not only distributes infrared detectors, optical components, and laser modulators from Strausberg, but also provides laser marking and engraving as an outside provider.

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