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Cluster Report Photonics in the Capital Region Berlin-Brandenburg

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104 Cluster Report Optics and Photonics – Networks Laserverbund Berlin-Brandenburg e. V. offers: • contacts to experts in the field of laser technology • seminars and workshops on current topics in laser technology • opportunities to exchange experiences using the event “lasers in materials processing” • exchange among experts in regular laser-related meetings, called “Laserstammtisch” • a wide range with suppliers of products and services for laser technology in the Berlin Brandenburg region Contact: Prof. Dr. Justus Eichstädt Laserverbund Berlin-Brandenburg e. V. c/o TH Brandenburg Phone: +49 (0)3381 355380 E-mail: Website: OABB optic alliance brandenburg berlin e. V. The capital region Brandenburg Berlin has long been a centre for classical and ophthalmic optics. It is home to very successful companies, significant research and development potential, and a well-developed infrastructure in education and research. Within the framework of a company-led industry network, a nationwide and supra-regional network, the OABB optic alliance brandenburg berlin e. V. is rightly regarded as one of the most important networks in the field of innovative ophthalmic optics in Germany and Europe. It was established to promote cooperation, coordination, and bundling of these potentials. The network seeks to further develop and establish the Berlin Brandenburg region as a nationally and internationally known centre for ophthalmic optics. The aim is to open up innovation interfaces between large companies, SMEs, and regional research institutions, including the optical trade. Thus, the involvement of the opticians’ guild of the state of Brandenburg with its education and technology centre, the Technische Hochschule Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences, and Oberstufenzentrum Havelland is important. With this, the network actively faces the challenge of the further expansion of the Berlin Brandenburg region as a centre of academic and vocational education and training in the field of optics. Innovation, competence development, internationalisation, market development, the creation of strategic partnerships in international metropolitan areas of ophthalmic innovation as well as industry and location profiling are the targeted focal points of the work of OABB optic alliance brandenburg berlin e. V. The network partners have all the important competences in the ophthalmic technology fields with their products and services: spectacle lenses, special lenses, magnifying vision aids, spectacle frames, optical production equipment, workshop technology, salesroom design and training. Thus, the location with its complexity, bundling and company concentration represents a complexity of optical competence in Germany and is one of the most modern production sites in Europe. Members of Laserverbund Berlin-Brandenburg e. V. at a 2018 meeting in Jena © Laserverbund Berlin-Brandenburg e. V., photo: Matthias Baumbach

Cluster Report Optics and Photonics – Networks 105 Contact: Randolph Götze Contact: Prof. Dr. Hans Richter OABB optic alliance brandenburg berlin e. V. Phone: +49 (0)3385 572350 E-mail: Website: Gesellschaft zur Förderung von Wissenschaft und Wirtschaft – GFWW – e. V. Phone: +49 (0)335 5571780 E-mail: Website:, GRW-Cooperation Network ERT-BB The “Electronic-Relevant Topics and Spheres of Activities in the Region Brandenburg - Berlin” (ERT-BB) Network managed by GFWW e. V. with currently 19 members was founded in 2018, to develop new concrete application solutions in electronics relevant fields and to expand value chains. In order to make these potentials visible to other industries, network activities are closely integrated into the Photonics Cluster development of coming years, especially in the fields of action “Photonics and Quantum Technologies for Communication and Sensor Technology” and “Microelectronics and Microsystem Technology”. Based on technological developments in semiconductor industry, especially silicon-based nano-, micro-, power electronics and photonics, smart and innovative sensor technology in its application plays a key role for the network with use of cross-clustering. Aim is to develop completely new technology processes and manufacturing methods/tools that can supplement or even replace previously complicated technologies in chip and sensor production. This will enable applications based on integrated sensor chip solutions with combination of actuators, integrated evaluation electronics and data transmission as well as high reliability under extreme conditions. Application is particularly focused on following key technologies: Automotive (e. g. engine control, autonomous driving); automation, industry 4.0 (e. g. robotics and production monitoring, remote diagnosis, maintenance); health, life sciences; agriculture, forestry; information and communication technology, including wireless, Internet of Things; safety, security. New solutions in packaging and interconnection technology are crucial, e. g. for the coupling of electrical and optical signals and integration of new materials. Innovation Network for Advanced Materials (INAM) e. V. INAM supports the development of innovative and marketable products that focus on the production of functional materials and their applications and processes. These include developments in the fields of sensor technology, wearable technologies, lighting technology, optoelectronic components, and photovoltaics. The interest lies in bundling competencies and resources in order to bring innovations to the market faster. The network was founded at the beginning of 2016 and is already supported by 20 partners: Osram, Weitnauer, Berlin Partner for Business and Technology, Humboldt University Berlin, Pilotfish, IRIS Adlershof, Fab Lab Berlin, Wista Management, Humboldt Innovation, Rudolph Graad, Specs, Inuru, Start Alliance, InnoEU, JNC, Würth Elektronik, Sabic, Robert Bosch, and Takata. The network is based in Berlin and Since 2016, innovative start-ups in the AdMaCom accelerator programme have been matched with experienced mentors. © Berlin Partner for Business and Technology

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