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Cluster Report Photonics in the Capital Region Berlin-Brandenburg

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102 Cluster Report Optics and Photonics – Fairs, Conventions, and Conferences Accompanying exhibition at Photonic Days Berlin Brandenburg 2017 © Berlin Partner for Business and Technology Focus area conference in Photonics for Communications and Sensors, October 19, 2017; topic: quantum optics and secure optical data transmission. © Berlin Partner for Business and Technology Scottish exhibitors at Photonic Days Berlin Brandenburg 2017 © Berlin Partner for Business and Technology After the success of the first event, the Photonic Days are planned for each autumn. The range of topics is orientated towards the cluster’s focus areas but will clearly go beyond for certain topics. At the first Photonic Days 2017, topics ranged from innovative optical components to quantum optics and networked sensor systems in autonomous vehicles, laser material processing, water analysis, and the new innovative topic of PolyPhotonics. In particular, the international activities of the various cluster members are given a platform here. A typical example was the workshop on laser material processing in 2017 organised jointly by the cluster and Laserverbund Berlin-Brandenburg e. V., where experiences and new ways of international cooperation in the field of laser technology were discussed. The Fraunhofer Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology IPK is a pioneer in this field. Since 2012, IPK experts have been working with SENAI, Brazil’s national service for industrial education, to develop strategies and business plans for the development and implementation of 23 research institutions in Brazil. Contact: Eileen Herzog Berlin Partner for Business and Technology Phone: +49 (0)30 46302-250 E-mail: Website:

Cluster Report Optics and Photonics – Industry Platforms | Networks 103 4.2 Networks OpTec-Berlin-Brandenburg (OpTecBB) e. V. More than ten years ago, a discussion was initiated by representatives of research and industry into which sub-disciplines optical technologies should be developed in Germany in order to become or remain internationally competitive and to develop them into innovation drivers. This action programme was called “German Agenda for Optical Technologies for the 21st Century”, and this led to the programme “Optical Technologies Made in Germany” funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The formation of competence networks for optical technologies was part of this programme. They became new infrastructure elements for promoting the process of cluster formation and accelerating the transfer of knowledge and technology from research to industry in important optics and photonics regions in Germany. OptecNet Deutschland e. V. has become an umbrella organisation for all these networks and organises their constructive cooperation. OpTecBB e. V. arose out of this strategic process and was founded on September 14, 2000, by 14 companies, research institutions, universities, and associations with the support of the responsible state ministries of Brandenburg and Berlin. From the very beginning OpTecBB e. V. has been closely networked with all important regions in Germany via Optec- Net Deutschland e. V. and has also developed many international contacts to key markets in Western Europe, North America, and Asia through its own activities. OpTecBB e. V. and its members have set themselves the following goals: • to bundle and connect the existing potential in the region in the fields of optical and microsystems technologies • to promote the transfer of knowledge and technology from research to business • to initiate R&D projects and support partnerships • to create a platform for communication and sharing information • to organise joint marketing activities and trade fair appearances to promote the companies, research institutions, and the Berlin Brandenburg region • to inform and advise the state governments and economic development institutions • to promote education and further training in the field of optics/photonics, to make the region known as a leading training location, and to secure the next generation of skilled workers The competence networks for optical technologies, founded on the initiative of the BMBF, are primarily oriented towards regional players and their cooperation in the region. In technical terms, the activities concentrate on these focus areas in the capital region: laser technology, lighting technology, photonics and quantum technology for communications and sensors, optical analytics, biophotonics and ophthalmic optics, as well as microelectronics and microsystems technology. The concrete development in these focus areas is outlined in the master plan for Berlin Brandenburg. With the formation of the Photonics Cluster, other players in the region became involved in the effort to facilitate cooperation along the value chain. As part of the cluster management, together with Berlin Partner for Business and Technology and the Economic Development Agency Brandenburg (WFBB), OpTecBB e. V. appoints the Cluster Spokesman to represent the fields of optics, photonics, and microsystems technology. Contact: Dr. Frank Lerch OpTecBB e. V. Phone: +49 (0)30 6392-1728 E-mail: Website: Laserverbund Berlin-Brandenburg e. V. The Laserverbund Berlin-Brandenburg has been dedicated to the regional promotion of laser technology since 1993. To this end, the association uses traditional and modern event formats to facilitate the exchange between practitioners and scientists in the fields of research, development, and application. The association directly and exclusively pursues non-profit purposes. Currently, it has 24 institutional and 90 individual members. The Laserverbund has developed into the region’s point of contact for laser technology and laser applications.

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