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Cluster Report Photonics in the Capital Region Berlin-Brandenburg

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100 Cluster Report Optics and Photonics – Industry Platforms | Fairs, Conventions, and Conferences 4.1 Fairs, Conventions, and Conferences Optics and photonics in Berlin Brandenburg combine a multitude of themes and initiatives. Nearly 400 technology companies and over 30 university and non-university research institutions in the region work in these fields. In order to connect research and industry in Berlin Brandenburg and support the transfer of knowledge and technology, the cluster offers various networking platforms. The aim is to increase competitiveness and achieve intelligent, sustainable, and integrative growth. An overview of the wide range of events can be seen in the event calendars. Photonics Cluster website: The website of the competence network OpTecBB e. V.: Under the leadership of Berlin Partner for Business and Technology, OpTec-Berlin-Brandenburg (OpTecBB) e. V. and Economic Development Agency Brandenburg (WFBB) organise the cluster’s work together with their local partners. In order to focus on advancing the development of the core competencies of the regional economy, six focus areas have been identified for the cluster’s work: • laser technology • lighting technology • photonics and quantum technology for communications and sensors • optical analytics • biophotonics and ophthalmic optics • microelectronics and microsystems technology Regular conferences are organised for all six focus areas with presentations, opportunities to engage in direct conversation, and keep up-to-date with the latest news recently with a new focus on cross-cluster topics. Every two years, a cluster conference on optics and photonics is held alternately with the OpTecBB Networking Days. In addition to the six focus area conferences, the cluster also offers various workshops and events on specific interdisciplinary topics such as: • funding and financing (e.g. information events on current calls) • securing a skilled labour force (e.g. Summer School) • internationalisation • technology scouting with users of optical technologies • start-ups (e.g. start-up accelerator AdMaCom, the Photonics Venture Forum, Entrepreneurship in Photonics) The start-up theme has gained in importance in the capital region in recent years. In 2016, the Innovation Network for Advanced Materials INAM was founded, which brings together innovative founders with experienced producers through a new format. At the beginning of the year, the network is calling for submissions to the Advanced Material Competition (AdMaCom) from start-ups from all over the world. This exchange of experiences has delivered very good results in its first three years, with several companies moving to the region, new spin-offs, and various collaborative projects. EPIC, the European Photonics Industry Consortium, is also committed to the topic of start-ups and regularly organises Europe-wide workshops and specialist events, such as the Photonics Venture Forum. Presentation of Research Fab Microelectronics Germany by former Cluster Spokesman Prof. Günther Tränkle at the 2017 Photonics Cluster conference © Economic Development Agency Brandenburg (WFBB), Marschalsky Entrepreneurs are the driving force behind innovation and profitability. The photonics industry offers countless opportunities for this. Entrepreneurs are typically the founders and managing directors of companies but can also be found in a variety of other positions. Entrepreneurship in photonics is a topic which the Photonics Cluster has been working on for many years and for which it provides content, together with such international partners as the EPIC Consortium and the European Optical Society (EOS).

Cluster Report Optics and Photonics – Fairs, Conventions, and Conferences 101 Some formats have already become stand-by events that have become an indispensable part of the annual calendar. They range from the “Laserstammtisch” in Berlin to events in Brandenburg such as • Profs-on-Tour • Made in BrandenburgBrandenburg Optics Day • Students-on-Tour to large international conferences that stop off in Berlin or Brandenburg. Berlin Brandenburg Pavilion at LASER World of Photonics in Munich 2017 © Berlin Partner for Business and Technology Local and International: Photonic Days Berlin Brandenburg In addition to the “Laserstammtisch”, Laserverbund Berlin-Brandenburg e. V. regularly organises user meetings on site. © Laserverbund Berlin-Brandenburg e. V. In addition, there are international trade fairs and conferences, such as • LASER World of Photonics in Munich • Optical Fiber Communications Conference (OFC), a touring trade fair in California, United States • European Conference and Exhibition on Optical Communication (ECOC), a touring trade fair in Europe • Optics & Photonics International Exhibition (OPIE) in Yokohama, Japan The capital region is represented with a large joint booth at each of these events. In recent decades, there has always been a need for a joint event in Berlin und Brandenburg to present the diverse activities pursued by researchers in optics and photonics, including presentations, a trade show, and various networking activities. The Photonic Days Berlin Brandenburg were initiated in 2017. It has its origins in the “Laser Optics Berlin” (LOB, later “micro photonics”) trade fair founded at Berlin-Adlershof in 1996, but it now has a different emphasis. Over the course of a single week, a cluster conference and two focus area meetings are held, together with nine different workshops and conferences. In addition to the lectures and the accompanying trade show, the initial outing for the event welcomed over 500 attendees, including guests and delegations from the United States, Japan, Brazil, Poland, Great Britain, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, France, and Israel. The Photonic Days Berlin Brandenburg have thus become the most important event in the capital region for this sector. The organiser is OpTec-Berlin-Brandenburg (OpTecBB) e. V. supported by the Photonics Cluster Berlin Brandenburg.

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