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Berlin to go, english edition 2/2015

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NETWORK ADDED VALUE FROM THE AMPOULE With its Pharma Berlin plant, the international healthcare provider B. Braun has expanded in the capital city region The traditional company B. Braun from North Hesse employs around 55,000 people worldwide, with around 500 employees working in the Hospital Care division at the Pharma Berlin site. Here, sterile injection solutions are produced in around 500 million plastic and approx. 80 million glass ampoules every year for the global market. In mid-November, a further production facility will go into operation – the expansion project bears the promising name “Sunrise”. Berlin to go caught up with the site manager of Pharma Berlin, Marc Riemenschneider. Anyone who has received primary medical care will recognise the turquoise logo lettering of B. Braun. Roughly 22 times per second, a B. Braun injection solution is in use somewhere in the world. Regardless of where this takes place, it is likely to originate from the German capital city. The company – active today in 62 countries around the globe – can reflect back on 176 years of company history. It supplies the healthcare market with products in areas including anaesthesia, intensive care medicine and cardiology, as well as providing services for doctors, clinics and the homecare sector. The company from North Hesse has been at home in the capital city region since the end of the 1970s. The Pharma Berlin site and its roughly 500 employees produce around 250 different solution formulas, which are encapsulated in plastic and glass ampoules. The bestseller is physiologic salt solution, although anaesthetics, lipid emulsions and solutions containing other active pharmaceutical ingredients are also produced, packaged and prepared for worldwide dispatch on Berlin’s Mistelweg. “We are the group’s competence centre for small-volume parenteral products, in other words for all those sterile pharmaceutical products that are injected”, explains plant manager Marc Riemenschnei der. Being a competence centre means: “We are setting company-wide standards with our work, and establishing processes for the products that we manufacture.” Over the past year, sales of EUR 120 million were generated by this particular capital city branch – a further branch in the Aesculap division is also based in Berlin, on Sieversufer. Rising trend. Since 2012, B. Braun has been preparing for the expansion of its Rudow facilities. The construction project named “Sunrise” held its topping-out ceremony in January 2013 and production is scheduled to formally start in mid-November 2015. “We have invested over EUR 50 million in our factory expansion. With it, we are increasing our production capacities on the one hand, whilst also creating possibilities for new products”, explains Riemen- 34 BERLIN TO GO

NETWORK schneider. The project speaks volumes about the Pharma Berlin facility and its employees. The connection with the site is just as palpable here as the identification with the company’s values, which are: Innovation, efficiency and sustainability. This is underlined not least by the new building with its ultra-modern equipment and 4,500 m 2 production and logistics space. Because it is one of the first pharmaceutics production buildings in Europe and the first in the B. Braun Group to receive the LEED Gold Certificate – a high-ranking award for ecological and sustainable construction of the U.S. Green Building Council. photos: Thomas Rosenthal A Berlin Buddy Bear was recently positioned in front of the factory door, bearing company motifs, which immediately catch the eye when walking across the site. “We are proud to be based in Berlin and to underline the capital city’s region not only as a creative hotspot, but also as a powerful production location from which we gain tangible added value. For us, the be Berlin industry campaign “Wir in Berlin …” got right to the heart of this matter”, stresses Riemenschneider. When it comes to the search for young talent, the clear appeal of the location and company constitutes a decisive competitive advantage. For years now, the factory has been a recognised training organisation and supports degree and master’s students. All pharmaceutical production technicians who later move to the head office in Melsungen are trained here. Strong employee orientation, personalised career models and the targeted advancement of high potentials are all part of company policy. Riemenschneider himself – who, as an industrial engineer worked in various Also finding the Berlin-Brandenburg location to be an advantage in attracting talent: Marc Riemenschneider, site manager of the Pharma Berlin factory, B. Braun company positions abroad during his studies, and has been employed at the Berlin site since 2004 – is proof of this. With the production expansion, the workforce is set to grow too. 25 new jobs have been created. “For us, site development doesn’t just mean expanding our operations”, explains Riemenschneider. “Alongside our site, we always develop our specialist personnel, our expertise and our added value too.” The home region of Berlin-Brandenburg plays a significant role in this. “We have the unique opportunity here of networking with other experts from research, science and industry who are close at hand, in order to remain prepared for the future – a potential that we in the healthcare industries cluster intend to utilise even more fully in the future”, concludes Riemenschneider. It is not without reason that the B. Braun motto is “Sharing Expertise”. ih

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