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Berlin to go, english edition 2/2015

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START-UP BERLIN – A START-UP HOTSPOT There are not only start-ups from the digital sector that are booming in the capital city, newly established enterprises in the life sciences sector are also growing constantly In Berlin, new start-ups are founded daily. A growing number of companies are dedicating themselves as accelerators or incubators. And successful investment rounds are speaking for themselves. But start-ups are not only focussing on digital technologies and web-based applications; many companies are also forming in the life science sector. In recent years, more start-ups have been established in the life science sector than ever before. Since 2010, over 100 new companies have been founded in the field of life science. Their business models and their research and development costs differ significantly from those of the digital industry. Start-ups in the life science sector have a significantly greater capital requirement for example, they bear higher inherent development, research and market entry risks, and they must withstand longer development times. In the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry, and also in medical engineering, the average development period is a number of years for one new product – until it reaches market maturity and the break-even threshold. In the event of success, the risks and high capital consumption are compensated for with high returns. The large number of new companies is also a result of numerous initiatives for the foundation of enterprises, the welldevel oped infrastructure and highly favourable location factors. These include seven biotech parks, which provide laboratories at comparatively low cost, as well as the numerous Bayer Healthcare supports Berlin’s enterprise founders with the “CoLaborator”. scientific establishments that yield highly qualified experts. The univer sities are committed to supporting spin-off companies with comprehensive programmes and services. A numerous business plan competitions, at which founders gain initial feedback regarding their business ideas, also play an important role. One example here is the Berlin-Brandenburg Business Plan Competition, which is one of the largest in Germany with 140 events, a network of over 200 consultants and more than 500 business plan submissions every year. The digital technologies and life sciences sectors are also increasingly merging, for example with web-based applications in medical areas. Berlin, with its high density population of IT and life science players, is a particularly suitable location for the formation of new companies. Examples of newly founded companies include caterna with its online vision therapy, and NeuroNation, which offers a platform for digital brain jogging. Furthermore, this new division also encompasses various incubators such as XL Health, which specifically focuses on digital health. at CoLaborator – the incubator for young bio tech companies from Bayer HealthCare In May 2014, Bayer HealthCare opened state-of-the-art laboratory and office space for biotechnology start-ups with the “CoLaborator” on Müllerstraße in Wedding. As a company driven by innovation, Bayer supports start-ups in quickly testing out their innovative ideas. The CoLaborator in Berlin is the pharmaceutical company‘s second incubator. The first CoLaborator for biotech start-ups was opened in San Francisco in 2012. In the CoLaborator, young companies from the chemical and bio science sectors can utilise suitable and fully equipped laboratory and office spaces in close proximity to their own research facilities. In this way, the company intends to promote research and innovation, and serve as the first point of contact to the biotechnology start-ups in their search for possible cooperation partners. Start-ups that wish to use the CoLaborator on a rental basis remain independent. At the present time, Calico GmbH, DexLeChem GmbH, provitro AG, Eternygen GmbH and NMI TT Pharmaservices are all based at the CoLaborator in Berlin. photo: Bayer HealthCare AG 32 BERLIN TO GO

START-UP OFFERING A NETWORK TO COMPANY FOUNDERS Berlin Partner recently began offering start-ups the opportunity to become a member of a powerful network photo: Sunny studio – Companies that are active around the world, have thousands of employees, and offer products and services that are indispensable in our everyday lives today all started off somewhere. They all began life as a start-up, established themselves and became what they are today through hard work and dedication. Berlin is a superb starting point for this. The city has not only proven what it is capable of with its history, the same history has shaped the character of the metropolis and made Berlin what it is today: A city of opportunities. The fact that these opportunities can be even better utilised together with a strong partner is something that is demonstrated by the Berlin-Partner Network. With a lively network of innovative companies and scientific organisations, Berlin Partner creates the ideal preconditions for the establishment and development The Berlin-Partner Network For over 20 years now, Berlin‘s companies and scientific institutions have been committed to their capital city location, within the Berlin-Partner Network. Initially formed as a union designed to draw attention to the capital after the wall came down, the partners can now reflect back on successful development: Berlin is established as a powerful economic capital with strong and international powers of attraction – that draw talent, enterprise founders, scientists and entrepreneurs. Over 200 partners from industry and science are committed to the network today. They are as diverse as Berlin‘s economy – and have one thing in common: With their dedication, they wish to co-shape and promote the location. of young companies. It is therefore now offering all start-up founders the opportunity to benefit from the unique Berlin- Partner Network. Integration in the business network opens up numerous opportunities for matchmaking with Berlin Partner companies, as well as providing direct access to Berlin‘s eco nomic, political and scientific communities. It provides frequent opportunities for meetings and discussions with other partner members during a range of different events, such as the regular Jour Fixe, the Berliner Hoffest and the Business Day. Furthermore, the involvement in industry and cluster-specific events also contributes to companies establishing themselves within the capital city‘s business environment. And in the best case scenario, start-ups grow during their time as a Berlin Partner member to become role models, such as 6wunderkinder and Wooga to name just two. gsk Contact: Karin Teichmann, Head of Unit Berlin-Partner Network Busi ness Location Center Telephone +49 30-46302-355 | Mobile +49 157 73998-256 Email An overview of the start-up category • Annual contribution of € 2,000 (year 1), € 3,500 (year 2) and € 5,000 (year 3) • Targeted matchmaking with Berlin Partner companies • Inclusion in sector and cluster-specific events • Personal invitation at board and business manager level to at least 15 exclusive networking formats annually, and with availability to further exclusive networking events • Use of the exclusive internet area BERLIN TO GO 33

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